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Five Steps To Keep Life Interesting

Posted: May 13, 2015

Life is kind of like a stream. When it’s flowing, it’s fresh and interesting. But when it stops flowing, it can dry up completely! If you’d like to keep things flowing, here are five steps to help you get started.

1. Get A Goal.

What do you really want to do? This can be anything from a major career change to accomplishing something on your bucket list. But it all starts with a desire and a goal.

The Top 5 Excuses for Quitting, and My Take on Them.

Posted: May 13, 2015

Over the years, I’ve heard just about every reason for someone stopping, especially in the Summer. More times than you’d think.

Now some are irrefutable. One friend just found out he needs both knees replaced. That’s a tough one to overcome. But I also know people who are resisting similar surgery with everything they have.

Personally, I’d like to think I’d come in and at least do Upper Body and core, but I’m a little more compulsive about it than most, I guess.

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