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Posted: March 26, 2013

Last week I told you about a common question I get all the time: “Why am I not losing any weight?” I always ask a couple of questions in return. The first question was “Are you getting all your workouts in?”

I went on to talk about how sometimes you just need to do more to get that weight coming off—even if you’re already pretty active. Not too long ago, I was in what most people would call pretty good shape, but I still was able to lose 35 lbs—mainly by adding what I like to call my “bonus” workouts.

I was pretty active to begin with, but by adding that “bonus” workout every evening, I was able to maintain regular weight loss. It can be as simple as just walking 20 minutes in the morning. In my case, I like to ride the bike every evening after supper.


Posted: March 14, 2013

I had a Facebook question recently that I thought I’d share with our Beacon-News readers too. She said, “I’ve been working out on the treadmill since mid January, and also been watching what I eat, but I really haven’t been losing any weight. Can you give me some tips?”

First of all, I had to congratulate her, because she realized there was a problem, set some goals, and took some action. She’s also made it through a couple months and established some good new habits.

This is no small point. Lots of people run out of gas after just a couple weeks—especially if they’re not seeing any weight loss. In her case, it probably comes down to tweaking things a little bit, or trying to do a little bit more.


Posted: March 11, 2013

Fitness programs often get derailed before they’re really began, and how when life presses in, they’re usually the first things to go. This week I’d like to give you five tips to help keep you going when the going gets tough.

1. Speak out your goals frequently – there’s power in the spoken word. It’s even Biblical. When God spoke, things happened. Say what you want to do. Tell other people. Continue to tell yourself. The squeaky wheel gets the most grease, so you might as well be the wheel, squeaking to yourself. Remember “The Little Engine That Could” from our childhood? He said “I think I can, I think I can.” And then he did.

2. Write down your goals – there’s power in the written word too. People with written goals are more likely to achieve them. They’re also helpful reminders about what we need to do. If I don’t write something down, forget about it. Too many things are trying to get our attention. Write it down.


Posted: January 10, 2013

Well it’s a new year again. 2013. It sure seems like 2012 didn’t last very long. The years seem to last forever when we’re younger, but as we get a little older, they just seem to shoot by. But here it is—another opportunity for another fresh start. Of course, if everything’s going exactly the way you want it, don’t change a thing!

So the first step is to evaluate how things went for you last year. Did you have some new goals? Did you achieve them? Is there anything that stands out that needs to be addressed? Are there any changes you need to make?

How’s your health and fitness? Is your weight where you want it to be? How do you feel? Are you eating right and working out regularly? If not, maybe now’s the time to get started.


Posted: January 01, 2013

While the holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy and celebration with family, many people get depressed during the holidays. I’m sure part of it has to do with the season.

As we move into winter, with all that cold and gray outside, it’s easy to forget the smiles we have in spring and summer. Even fall with all its colors, seems far away.

Many people have also lost loved ones around the holiday time, and that’s got to be terribly hard to deal with. How they get through tough days like that is beyond me. Perhaps that’s one of those things that only God can help with.

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