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What Kind of Trip Are You Taking?

Posted: July 04, 2007

I had a great experience this past weekend. It was the 2nd Annual C.A.M.A. Bike Road Rally, and my first time to be part of a big bicycle event like that (C.A.M.A. stands for Coalition Against Meth Abuse). Ever since watching the Tour De France last year, I’d been itching to be part of a pelaton.

My son-in-law T.J. and I had been preparing a little bit: a 26 mile ride to Brocton and back, and then a 45 mile ride home from Fox Ridge State Park the weekend before the rally. I’d also been riding back and forth to work occasionally, doing what I call “Time Trials.” It makes me feel like the riders I see on TV. Of course, their time trials are going 30 mph for an hour! Still, the fast 8 mile sprints helped a lot to build my strength.

It’s amazing how much wind makes a difference. My best time with the wind behind me is 19:10 for the 8 mile “time trial,” about a 24 mph average. On a bad day into the wind (usually the trip in), it can take as much as 35-38 minutes, nearly twice as long!

Follow The Plan

Posted: June 15, 2007

So I’ve been thinking, why do some people seem to get what they want, and others don’t? Why do some seem to get all the breaks, and others don’t? I mean, is it just luck? Good genes?

Or is there something else going on. Could there be a behavioral component to success? Is it possible that some people just do certain things that make them more likely to succeed?

This might not seem related to fitness, but stay with me. One book called “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, looks at hundreds of self-made millionaires. Stanley and Danko’s study showed clearly that most of the millionaires did very specific things along the way.

The Journey

Posted: June 02, 2007

I had a conversation with a good friend of mine sometime ago. Now he’s a big guy, but he’s still carrying at least 80 pounds more than he needs.

Of course, this raises his risk of developing onset Diabetes (Type II), and heart disease significantly. It also makes his life much harder than it needs to be.

For years now, I’ve talked about him doing the things he needs to do to take that weight off. For years, he’s come up with reasons not to. Now, it’s cost him another promotion in rank, for the 3rd time.

You’ve Got to MOVE It!

Posted: May 18, 2007

Is there anyone that can say with absolute certainty that they couldn’t feel any better? I doubt it, but if so, I want to meet them.

It is possible, though, for someone to be able to say they feel “great.” By the grace of God, I’m one of them.

Go through a few years of chronic “status asthmaticus” and you’ll appreciate how it feels to draw a breath without it feeling like your sucking air through a coffee straw.

What’s Up With Us?

Posted: May 05, 2007

Why do we keep doing things the same way, even when they’re not working? Why do we keep doing things we know will harm us, like smoking, excessive drinking, and overeating?

Why do we start another exercise program, thinking, “this time we’ll keep doing it,” only to let other things pull us away, after just a few weeks?

Why do we buy an Ab Lounge™, Bow Flex™, Skiers, Treadmills, Exercise Balls, and then let them sit there collecting dust in the corner?

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