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Just Go For It

Posted: January 12, 2018

Change isn’t always comfortable. It involves risks. To reach new levels, it takes work and preparation, but sometimes, you just have to go for it. 

For years, I’ve been going to Las Vegas every Spring for a National Taekwondo tournament. One time we took the kids with us and were walking near our hotel, when we found an “M & M” outlet store with a 3-Story Climbing wall inside!

To climb the Matterhorn shaped wall, you harnessed up on the bottom floor and took one of several paths up the mountain, using the hand holds. An “M & M” employee would stand below and hold the rope that controlled your harness from a pulley up on top. 

Just Get Started, Again.

Posted: January 10, 2017

After taking stock on 2016, our next step is usually to set some new goals for 2017. Maybe you’ve already done this. Perhaps you haven’t. Either way, I hope this is of some use to you. 

Sometimes you need to just continue doing what you’re doing. If you’ve been working toward a goal not yet achieved, that’s fine. You’re on your way. Stay on track and keep making progress. Hold your throttle down.

Often times, we realize that for some reason, we just didn’t get the job done. Perhaps we fell way short of a goal, or even fell off the wagon. Not good, but that’s ok. It’s time to pick up. If that goal is still important to you, the answer is simply to just get started again. 

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