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Posted: January 21, 2008

Well, our Biggest Loser “3” is fully underway, and wow, what a group! We now have 57 people registered and participating in what has become a community wide event. People are working out at the Y, Curves, Tom’s, at work, and at home. I’ve even heard from others that are following along on their own!

All the contestants came together for the Friday night weigh-in and boot camp ready for action, and I knew they’d be putting up some good numbers. Their assignments were to walk at least a mile every morning (20 minutes), and then do another more intense cardio or strength workout later that day.

This is certainly the time of year when people are the most resolute, and it sure showed in the gym. All week I watched them sweating, smiling (mostly), and getting it done each day, and I could barely keep up with towels!


Posted: January 12, 2008

It was a crazy ride the last 12 weeks with the guys and gals from Biggest Loser “2” and we’re about to do it all again! Biggest Loser “3” started last Friday night and we were all a little shocked with the response.

After opening it up to anyone regardless of gym membership, and putting a limit on it, we had 50 people register and show up to the first weigh-in and workout. By the end of the weekend, we had 2 more for a total of 52 contestants this time! Over the next couple days it grew to 57 total!

Several were participants a year ago in Biggest Loser “1” and wanted to get back on track. Another 5 or 6 were with us in Biggest Loser “2”, including Steve (38 lbs) and Shirley (30 lbs). The rest were an extremely diverse group of men and women ranging in age from 19 to 67.


Posted: January 07, 2008

This was the 12th and final week of the contest and our top two competitors ran neck and neck, ending the week with a tie at 2.6 lbs. Shirley kept Steve honest up to the very end, with a very strong 2nd place finish (30.4 lbs). That was 10 lbs more than her closest competitors, and the most a woman’s lost in 12 weeks.

Steve ended the 12 weeks 38.8 lbs lighter, and $500.00 richer. He said it was just in time for Christmas shopping for the kids! Steve lost over 40 lbs the first time, and in the last year has lost over 100 pounds total. Talk about changing your life!

Karl finished 3rd (23.4), Dawn Stewart was 4th (19.8), and Marvin and Carol tied for 5th (19.2). Tony was 6th (18.8), Dawn Hopper was 7th (18.0), just edging out her husband Roger (17.0).


Posted: December 21, 2007

This week’s winner was Tony Peel. It’s not the first time for Tony, and he’s had some very good weeks. If he can figure out how to keep those good weeks coming, he’ll definitely keep the weight coming off. Right now, he’s in 3rd place overall.

It’s been an interesting race, with eleven different winners over the past eleven weeks (we had a couple ties). Since we’re coming down to the end, I thought I’d let you know how everyone’s doing overall.

With one week to go, Steve has a pretty strong lead for the $500 prize. He’s down 36.2 lbs, and is likely to hit 40 lbs by the end of next week. He had another milestone this week, being the first person to lose 100 lbs in just over a year. It’s been fun to be a part of.


Posted: December 13, 2007

This week’s winner was Janice Watson, who lost 3.2 lbs. Only Myla posted a bigger loss, but it was over the last two weeks due to illness. Janice told me she wanted to lose weight “to feel healthier” and “look better.” She also wants to be able to keep up with her children.

According to Janice, her life will change for the better because she’ll “feel better about herself” knowing that she “stuck it out.” And that’s the real trick, isn’t it? Sticking it out.

Our Biggest Losers have completed 10 weeks and have just two weeks left in the contest. We’ve done pretty well—out of 21 that started, we still have 19 going pretty strong. Just the fact that they started impresses me. You know how hard it is to get started, especially an exercise program, or changing eating habits.

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