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Posted: March 29, 2008

Well with one week to go for this group, we’ve seen some pretty amazing results. It seemed like most everyone has been able to step it up in their workouts, and that’s going to go a long way to helping them get what they want.

Last week, Chris asked me if lifting weights would interfere in his weight loss, which has been outstanding. I told him that it wouldn’t. In fact, it would help, because more muscle means a faster metabolism, and that makes you a better fat burner all the time. It also helps you burn more calories during your workout.

Think about it. If you get stronger, you can push harder. If you can push harder, you can burn more calories. That’s what I call the “cycle of success.” At first, when you’re trying to lose weight, you’re really fighting your own body.


Posted: March 23, 2008

I stirred up the pot this week for the Friday night workout. After everyone weighed in, I told them we were going outside for a run. Since this group started in January, we hadn’t been able to get outside due to the weather. This was our chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and for me to make a couple points.

Two actually left before we started. I never heard why. Someone said it might have had something to do with walking/running outside.

Anyway, we walked down Wood St. for a couple blocks and then I told them to jog down to the stop sign at 5 points, over to Court St., and then come back up that really nice hill to the center.


Posted: March 15, 2008

We just started our last month with this group. So far the results have been the best ever. While we’ve lost over half of the original 57 that started, the ones who are left seem to be doing really well.

Many of the remaining contestants have asked me about doing another group, so I guess we’ll do one more (Biggest Loser 4) starting Friday, April 11th. The 57 we started with was a little much to handle, so I’m going to limit this group to the 1st 40 that come in and sign up as soon as possible.

We’ll have the same deal. You can work out anywhere: at the Y, Curves, Tom’s, or even at home. $25.00 entry fee and a $500 prize for the Biggest Loser based on greatest percentage of weight loss. This will be the last one we do until next fall, so if you’re interested, you better get in and sign up!


Posted: March 15, 2008

We’ve just finished 8 of the 12 weeks so it’s time for our monthly summary. We started out with 57 people. There are about 30 left, and 23 made the last weigh-in. Of those 23, all have lost at least a half a pound a week.

Remember, if you can lose a pound a week, that’s great. A half a pound a week still works—it just takes you a little longer to get there. Two pounds a week is fantastic, and anything over that is just amazing.

The other thing to remember is that it’s the long haul that matters. Some of the folks who lost a lot of weight early have slowed down a bit. Some of the others who struggled early on have found their stride, and are doing better now.


Posted: March 02, 2008

Week seven left another group of people who dropped out for one reason or another. Most of them simply just stopped coming and I never heard from them. I think they’re embarrassed and just want to avoid an awkward moment.

But it isn’t me that makes it awkward. I mean, I’m not accusing or confrontational. Actually, I just smile and ask how things are going—normal behavior. But in reality, I’m like a mirror.

When they see me, they’re forced to remember that they quit. At least in that moment, they have to face it. And most people feel bad about that.

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