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Posted: June 15, 2008

It’s been eight weeks and it’s time for another update on everyone’s progress. We started with 68 people and 36 people made the weigh-in last Friday.

As usual, the contestants have divided themselves into three groups. The first group is made up of people who have quit for one reason or another. They’re not around anymore.

The second group is made up of people that are still involved, but I don’t see them much. Quite a few of them have been on vacation this summer. Some make a Friday workout and weigh-in, and then miss another. Some have been sick. At least one had knee surgery.


Posted: May 28, 2008

So we’re at the halfway point for Biggest Loser “4.” It always amazes me how fast these things go. I shouldn’t be surprised, though. My cutie-pie is 7 ½, I just turned 46—life seems to be moving faster than ever.

Remember when we were younger and things seemed to take forever? Sometimes weight loss is like that, but you have to realize that things didn’t get this way overnight.

What if it takes six months or even a year? Time is going to pass anyway—you might as well spend it doing something that helps you get what you want.


Posted: May 25, 2008

This week the group really had a treat. Remember Camilla from the last set of articles for the last group? Camilla’s a registered dietician at Terre Haute Regional, and she came back in to talk to our latest group of people in Biggest Loser “4.”

Because her presentation is so good, instead of paraphrasing, I’m going to reproduce her Top Ten Tips word for word:

“Ten Tips for Healthy and Conscious Eating”


Posted: May 18, 2008

Last week we talked about being intentional about things. You know, doing things on purpose for a purpose. If you take enough steps in the right direction, well, then you get there.

If you want to accomplish anything in your life, you need to have desire. You need a dream. You’ve got to take action and get things started. And then you need to do things intentionally each day that will help you get to your goal.

But once you get past the problem of getting started, something else often gets in the way. You’ve heard the old saying—“we have met the enemy and he is us.” Life intrudes and old habits die hard.


Posted: May 18, 2008

This week I want to talk about being intentional. This is where you do certain things on purpose, with an overall goal in mind. You’re trying to achieve or accomplish something.

We send kids to school with the intention that they learn something. We go to the doctor with the intention of getting better. Most people come up and exercise with the intention of shape, or stay in shape.

Intention can also be a bad thing. As a police officer (in my spare time) I’ve learned that intent can be the thing that makes a crime more serious.

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