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Posted: May 03, 2009

This week we turned it up again. The goal is to get them ready for the Sarah Bush Lincoln “Races for all Paces” 5K two weeks from now on Saturday, May 9th. You can Goggle it to get more information.

So, they ran to the park at Main & Central. Then they did a pretty intense sequence of exercises there in the park, including sprints, walking lunges, burpees, crunches, sumo wrestling, pushups, planks, and more. Then they had to run back to the gym.

With all the sprints, they did more than 2 miles. Plus running back home is quite a bit tougher after you’ve done all those other things. The 5K will actually be easier, because they’ll have fresh legs.


Posted: April 25, 2009

Last week I challenged this group to do the 5K at the “Races for all Paces” at Sarah Bush Lincoln in Charleston on May 9th. I’ll be doing the half-marathon, to make up for missing the Illinois marathon last week. Every one else will do the 5K (3.1 mi).

Since they’ve already done a mile the first night, and 1.8 miles last week, this week the challenge was to do 2 miles. First they walked/ran a mile, and then met back at the gym where they did 5 sets of 5 burpees and 10 sit-ups.

For those of you who’ve never had the privilege of doing a burpee, here’s how it goes. Start standing up. Then drop down onto your hands and kick your feet back behind you into pushup position. Then do a pushup. Then hop your feet back underneath you and stand back up. Once up, jump a few inches up in the air with your hands stretched out over-head. That’s a burpee!


Posted: April 17, 2009

This week we turned it up a notch during the Saturday morning workout. We had to because two of our BL7 participants, Shawn and Jennifer, were in Champaign running the 1st ever Illinois Marathon & Half-Marathon. Since they were there, running 13.1 miles, I felt we owed it to them to pick it up a little bit back here at home.

I was supposed to be running the marathon with them, but 3 weeks ago during the last long training run, my old right knee flared up again. Then last week, the dreaded flu and sinusitis combo reared its ugly head and knocked me out for a couple days. Working out over two hours tends to suppress the immune system, so the smart thing to do was take it easy so my system would recover.

I’m not the only one who had to pass on the run. My friend Susan made it all the way through the long run on the marathon training, when her shin splints started kicking in. They got bad enough that hardly any running at all made it worse, to the point where there could be long-term consequences. Though she was smart for not tempting fate, she says she still felt like a loser.


Posted: April 11, 2009

We hit the ground running this week. Having just finished Biggest Loser “6,” we turned right around and started another. At the end of week one, there are 39 participants. The results so far are pretty promising. Over half the group lost at least 2.0 lbs and 21 people lost more than 3.0 lbs.

As always, the goal in the first week is to just get everyone moving. They’re supposed to walk at least a mile in the morning, and then get another workout in later. Three days a week they’ll hit the machine circuit to build muscle. The other days are cardio days where they do things like walking, jogging, elliptical, bike, and so on.

The morning workout can be as little as 20 minutes, but the “real” workout later in the day should be 30-45 minutes. It has to become a priority, and most people do better by planning out their workout times. If you just wait until you have time, it never happens. Schedule it, and keep your schedule.


Posted: April 04, 2009

Once again, another 12 weeks have come and gone, so we’ve got the final results from Biggest Loser “6.” We started with 60 and finished up with 32 people making the final weigh-in. So this group ended up Friday night just like all the others with just a little more than half the people finishing.

The winner of week 12 was Bill Lewis who lost 2.2% of his body weight and another 4.2 lbs. Bill won 6 of the 12 weeks, and received yet another $20 Wal-Mart gift card from Terry Elston and State Farm Insurance, and another massage from Bridgett’s Therapeutic Massage.

Second place for the week went to Chad Cline who lost 1.2% of his body weight and 2.5 lbs. Third place for the week was a tie between Haley Sanders and John Sanchez, who lost 1.0% of their body weight, with 2.4 lbs for Haley and 2.0 lbs for John.

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