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Posted: July 07, 2009

Now I’m not recommending this particular diet, but… it seems to work pretty well. Here’s what you do. Go to an oral surgeon, have two teeth removed, and eat or drink nothing for eight hours before the surgery. That way you can go with the IV drip sedation where you talk to them for a few minutes, and then wake up and it’s over.

The down side is that you’re going to bleed for a couple days afterward, and are pretty sore and tender. That means no solid foods for a few days. Here’s where the “extraction diet” really kicks in, because you’re only getting calories through liquids.

For me, it was four of those protein shakes a day, four hours apart—at the same time as the pain pill and antibiotic. It’s pretty humbling. Run 13+ miles, throw a bunch of weights around, roll around on the floor with sweaty guys trying to choke you, but miss that pill by a few minutes and wow!


Posted: July 02, 2009

I had the opportunity to do a couple concerts and “Bodies-in-Balance—How to Eat Right & Exercise Smart” seminars recently. One was at a church over in Chenoa, IL last Wednesday night. I’d never heard of Chenoa before, but it was a nice drive and a nice little town.

Map Quest took me the most direct route, which is through the country, right through the middle of a wind farm. I’d seen them on TV, but it was something to see up close: 50 or so giant wind turbine generators, all turning slowly and majestically.

Someone told me that each turbine can produce enough electricity to power 3,000 homes. I’m not sure if it’s true, but it sounded pretty good to me. There are some drawbacks, though.


Posted: June 24, 2009

We just put Biggest Loser “7” in the books after twelve weeks. We started with 31 participants and ended up with about half the original field.

This time around, the time change and spring season allowed us to get outside for lots of different events, including park-to park runs here in town, a 5K over at Sarah Bush Lincoln, and even a bike rally. That added some nice variety to the workouts.

Even though we always see improvements in walk/run times, pushups and sit-ups, I was really impressed with their performance on the final fitness test. Typically, we’ll see a 2-3 minute improvement in the walk/run.


Posted: June 20, 2009

We just finished week eleven and once again we’re down to about half the group. We started with 31 people, but just 15 made the weigh-in, with another two or three still involved, but missing. Of the 15-17 that were left, only 8 made the workout, and it was another tough one.

If you want to keep your body changing, you need to keep changing the workouts. By changing it up, your body never knows what to expect and it keeps trying to adapt to the new workload. Experts call it muscle confusion, but I think it’s good for your mind too, as it keeps you from getting bored with the routines.

The goal this time was to give them a Level IV workout with a bunch of new exercises so they’d have some new material to work with. We also squeezed in some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) by running to the cardio room and jumping on the cardio equipment between rounds.


Posted: June 12, 2009

This week, the challenge for the Biggest Losers was to participate in the 2009 C.A.M.A. Teen Bike Rally. Participants were to choose 7, 25, 40, or 70 miles. If the Biggest Losers weren’t able to get a bike, or had a conflict during the rally, they’re to make up at least the 7 or 25 miles on their own.

I know for sure that three of the BL crew tackled the rally. Linda Kerekguarto and Brittany Cline did the 7 mile ride and Nicole Richardson cranked out 40 miles. There might have been a couple others, but I can’t say for sure, since I didn’t see them. There were also three other gals from the center who all did the 40 miler: Susan Arp, Michelle Vaughn, and Michelle Hall. Great job girls!

As for the C.A.M.A. turn-out, it was a record setting 110 riders, up from the previous high of 80 riders two years ago. 17 riders took on the daunting 70 miler, while 25 riders chose the 7 mile fun ride, and 68 riders were split pretty evenly between the 25 and 40 mile ride.

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