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Boot Camp Works!

Posted: August 05, 2015

We had an amazing thing happen Monday night in Boot Camp: Thirty people showed up! That was just awesome. I’m grateful to everyone that participates, and to God for the opportunity to work with em. 

But 30 people? Wow. It sure makes for an exciting class, but from a sheer numbers standpoint, it’s changed how we have to do things. I’ve had people ask me how you can have a class that big, and still give em all a good workout. 

To steal a line from one of the national shipping companies, “it’s logistics, baby!” We’ve kind of been preparing for it for the last couple of years, by increasing our capacity to handle such a large group, and just getting more stuff. 

My New Theory: It’s All Relative!

Posted: July 30, 2015

We’re moving into the hottest part of the summer now. The temperature is pushing 90 degrees, but we have to remember, this would be considered cool for some people. It’s all relative. 

I was just at a clinic taught by an instructor from Arizona. They’re up over 100 degrees all the time, and have even had 115 degree stretches. It’s all relative. 

We feel the same way in the winter, don’t we? When it gets down around zero, we’re thinking “Wow, this is cold!” But for the people up in Minnesota and North Dakota, that would be quite a break from their normal sub-zero temperatures. It’s all relative. 

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