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Love, Loyalty, and a Winning Attitude (more life lessons from Buddy the WonderDog

Posted: October 30, 2014

A couple of years ago, I started thinking about a companion for our then two year old son. We wanted a gentle dog he could grow up with, that would always treat him well.

  A friend recommended we try a Golden Retriever. After some research we started looking around. There were a lot of them available from breeders, especially down South, but nothing up here. 

Do You Know What You’re Eating?

Posted: October 27, 2014

Do You Know What You’re Eating?

For Biggest Losers, Week One was about getting moving and tracking how MUCH they ate. Week Two was about turning up the intensity of their exercise, and improving WHAT they ate.

Regardless what diet you’re on, or what company’s supplements you take, the best results always come from the most committed people. Whatever you do, if you stick to it, and work hard, you’re bound to get results.

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Posted: October 24, 2014

Don’t Let Your Guard Down.

I had a sad conversation with someone just the other day. They’d done really well and lost a lot of weight in one of our recent Biggest Loser groups. Unfortunately, just three short months later, they’d put all the weight back on.

After they finished that particular Biggest Loser, they’d had college classes to content with, along with lots of kids activities going on. Basically, they went from being really active to not moving at all.

Speed Bumps May Slow You Down, But Don’t Let Them Stop You

Posted: October 24, 2014

Speed Bumps.

We’ve all experienced them. Just like with those bumps in parking lots, we’ve all faced some speed bumps in life, too.

You can be cruising right along, happy with how things are going. Then, all of a sudden, BAM, your undercarriage bottoms out, your head hits the top, and you have to take your foot off the gas. Frustrating, right?

From Pot Bellies to Pocketbooks (Part 3)

Posted: October 08, 2014

Last week, we looked at Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps for dealing with debt and finding financial peace. This week, we’re going to apply those same Baby Steps to the battle of the belly.

Baby Step One is to do whatever it takes to establish a basic $1,000 emergency fund as quickly as possible. This is a small buffer against trouble, and gives you some peace of mind. Perhaps more important, it gives you a sense that maybe you CAN do this thing.

That may be the biggest problem confronting someone with a lot of weight to lose. It can often seem impossible, especially if you’ve tried and failed before. That’s why I like to hit the ground running with new Biggest Losers. The goal is to get them moving twice a day, right from the start. At the same time, they’re looking closely at their calories.

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