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Is Our Why Big Enough?

Posted: November 05, 2015

I’ve been doing a lot of remodeling lately up at the fitness center, to better utilize our space. When I’m working, I like to catch up on Dave Ramsey’s radio show on their iPhone app. That means I’ve been hearing a lot of good wisdom quotes lately. 

One thing he said was similar to something I’ve heard many times before. It was so good that I had to write it down: “Your ‘what’ never works unless your ‘why’ is big enough.”

I’ve often used the line myself too, especially with our Biggest Losers, but I’d never heard it said quite this way before. “Your ‘what’ never works unless your ‘why’ is big enough.”

Battle With Addiction, Part 8: “What Can We Do?”

Posted: October 29, 2015

I often write about light-hearted things, like motivational topics and health and fitness. But I couldn’t get away from this issue. So I decided to do some research on the local drug problem.

I interviewed four recovering addicts ranging from 17 years drug free to just 5 months. I talked to the family of a girl whose promising life was cut short by drinking, drug use and a heroin overdose. I talked to the addiction experts at the Human Resource Center (HRC), our local police, and also our State’s Attorney. 

Along the way, I had quite a few other conversations with people and frankly, I was overwhelmed by some of the things I heard. After some of the interviews, I had to go back to my office, wipe my eyes and catch my breath. Throughout the process, I couldn’t escape the feeling that young lives are hanging in the balance. 

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