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The Popularity and Usefulness of Martial Arts (Part 1)

Posted: March 19, 2015

Everyone likes action movies. You know, the kind where the hero does those awesome choreographed martial arts sequences. It’s one thing to just shoot em up, but if they can do it with their hands, now that’s pretty cool.

Of course, the kids love the Ninja Turtles, too. And everyone’s going to see the new Star Wars movie when it comes out. From the Expendables to movies like Salt and the Matrix series, we like seeing martial arts done well.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) shows are getting huge numbers for both their free on FOX specials and their pay-per-views. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a time when more people were aware of the martial arts.

Taking Responsibility

Posted: March 17, 2015

A friend recently sent me an article about exercise and dieting. The well known fitness blogger’s point was simple. Within 30 seconds of meeting someone, he could tell if they were going to be successful.

Here’s how he figured it. If people started making excuses for how they got that way, they’d make excuses later too. If they couldn’t take responsibility for the way they were, they wouldn’t take responsibility during their training.

I think he was right. Shifting blame never fixes anything. Even if you won’t own the reason, you still own the problem. And if you’re not willing to own the reason for the problem, you’ll probably just do it again anyway.

Conversations from the Gym, Part Two: Amazing Grace

Posted: March 12, 2015

By Tom Dolan and Reverend Ryan Fehrmann

I’ve been talking with Reverend Ryan Fehrmann at the gym. He’s the pastor at Grace Lutheran, and happens to have an interest in powerlifting. Recently, he also embarked on a weight loss program.

I’d made it a point to spend a little time with him during his workouts. After just a few minutes of conversation, it became clear there were some similarities between faith and fitness.

Conversations From The Gym, Part One: Running The Race

Posted: March 05, 2015

by Tom Dolan and Reverend Ryan Fehrmann

We all know people who’ve had difficulty maintaining their fitness regimen from time to time. Most of us have faced it ourselves, at one time or another.

Some people seem to just get it. They look fit and stay fit, year in and year out. Others seem to be in, then they’re out, over and over. It’s almost like they’re doomed to repeat the pattern.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Posted: March 03, 2015

Every week, someone tells me they wish they’d started training sooner. Often, they wish they could find a way to get someone else to start eating right and exercising, too.

But until someone’s really ready, it’s pretty hard. There are so many demands on our time, with so many outside pressures, that until you really want it, you’re probably just spinning your wheels.

This applies to a lot of different things. I’ve seen it play out in my faith, my family, my education, and all the different stages of my career. It’s been evident in others too. You can’t really make a change until you’re really ready to make the change.

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