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Tom’s Fitness and Paris Martial Arts


  • Tom Dolan is an Illinois State Police Certified Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor (ILCCF) with approved CCL curriculum, and is also an Illinois State Certified Firearms Instructor for Law Enforcement Personnel, an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, and a Go2FirearmSafety certified trainer.
  • Tom has over 30 years of training and teaching experience, and specializes in close quarters armed and unarmed defensive tactics. As an Active Police Officer, Tom also brings a strong sense of practicality and realism to the required training.

Tactical Pistol Class Registration

This 3-Hour Tactical Pistol Class will meet in Paris, IL on Saturday, May 11th from 11:00am - 2:00pm. Cost: $50. 

This class is part of our series of continuing education for Concealed Carry citizens to help them understand and prepare for various scenarios. 

The class is taught by Tom Dolan, Firearms and Defense Tactics Instructor, with over 30 years teaching experience. As a working Police Officer, he also brings a wealth of real-world experience into every class. 

We will meet first at Tom’s Fitness in the training room. You will need your Concealed Carry firearm, cased and unloaded, your holster, and two magazines. Leave your ammunition outside in your vehicle. 

We will then transition to Tom’s range. You will need eye and ear protection, and 100 rounds of factory ammunition. No reloads allowed. 

You must have your CC (or have taken your CC class) to attend this course. 

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1. Never cover (point your muzzle) at anything you are not willing to destroy.
2. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
3. Assume all guns are loaded and are to be treated as such at all times.
4. Be aware of your target and its background (what is beyond it).
5. Clean and lubricate your firearm regularly.


1. Absolutely NO ammunition is allowed in the classroom.
2. DO not bring your firearm into the training center until instructed to do so. Keep it cased and unloaded, magazines also empty.
3. After check-in, firearms must remain holstered, and unloaded, until given the command on the line to “Load and Make Ready.”
4. You must have a belt and a proper holster that is made specifically for your firearm. Leather is not recommended. Kydex (hard plastic) is preferred.
5. Shoulder holsters and Small-of-Back Holsters are not allowed on the range.
6. Hearing and Eye Protection must be used at all times while on the range. For best results, use ear muffs with amplification.
7. You may only use Factory Ammunition on the range. NO reloads allowed.
8. Immediately follow the commands and instructions of the Instructor and Range Safety Officer (RSO) at all times.
9. Always keep your weapon pointed down range unless holstered.
10. If anyone gives the command to “Cease Fire”, stop. Finger off the trigger, low ready.
11. If you have a malfunction and are unsure what to do, simply stop, and let an instructor talk you through it. Keep your finger off the trigger and muzzle down range.
12. When given the command to “Clear and Show Empty”, remove your magazine, and show it to the RSO. Ensure your slide is locked back, and inspect and safely show your gun to be empty, saying “Clear.” The RSO will check and say “Clear” and then “Holster your weapon.”
13. NEVER remove your firearm from the holster once you leave the firing line, until checking out at the end of the day, one-at-a-time, under supervision.
14. NEVER reload your firearm. You may load magazines, but you may only reload your WEAPON when you are back on the firing line and told to “Load and Make Ready.” 15. NEVER bend over to pick up magazines or ejected rounds (or even your firearm), until EVERYONE has followed the command to “Clear and Show Empty”, EVERYONE has holstered their weapons, and the Instructor says “Clear, you may pick up.”


• The rules of firearm safety.
• The proper transport and storage of your firearm.
• Identification of various types of handguns, and ammunition.
• The safe handling of your firearm, including loading, unloading, and clearing a firearm (checking to be sure it is unloaded).
• Handgun fundamentals, and the safe drawing and presentation of your firearm.
• The safe cleaning of your firearm.
• All applicable State and Federal laws relevant to your CCW.
• Dry fire instruction and practice.
• Range Safety procedures.
• Live fire instruction, practice, and qualification.
• Additional concerns, real-world tactics, and concealment applications.
• For the official list of requirements and the procedure for obtaining your Illinois Concealed Carry License, please visit the Illinois State Police site at:


3-Hour IL Concealed Carry Renewal Class: $50
3-Hour Tactical Pistol Class: $50
16-Hour IL Concealed Carry Class $200
Note: $25 discount for IL Hunter Safety; $50 discount for Current or Former Military (proof must be provided in class).


Concealed Carry and Tactical Pistol Classes-- Your Concealed Carry firearm (cased and unloaded); belt, a holster made for your firearm, and at least 2 magazines; ear and eye protection, appropriate shoes and clothing for the weather; 100 rounds of factory ammunition for the 3-Hour classes, and 200-250 rounds for the 16-Hour class (no ammo is allowed in the building—leave it in your vehicle).

Active Shooter Classes for Civilians-- Nothing is needed except comfortable clothing and clean shoes. No weapons are allowed in the classroom.