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State of the art cardio & Strength equipment

We have 24 pieces of Cardio, including 8 Matrix treadmills, 4 Matrix ellipticals, 4 True recumbent bikes, 4 Schwinn AirDyne bikes, and 4 Concept-2 rowers.

We also have a full selection of selectorized strength machines that will give you a total body workout, or allow you to isolate certain muscle groups as a part of your weight training routine.

Free Weights Area

Our free weight area includes all the staples in a gym, including flat bench, incline, decline, squat rack, smith machine, two leg presses, Hammer Strength chest/back, and rubber coated dumbbells from 5-100 lbs.



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Concealed Carry Classes in Paris, IL

Ages: 21+

Firearms use and safety, active shooter tactics and accredited IL Concealed Carry License training center. Learn how to protect you and your loved ones with Paris Concealed Carry seminars and training workshops

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