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You’re the “Secret Sauce”

Posted: March 30, 2016

Health and fitness do not come in a bottle, no matter how good a bottle it happens to be; or how good the stuff inside it is. It might be beneficial; maybe even very beneficial, but there is no “secret sauce” in there. YOU are the secret sauce!

Health and fitness come because of a decision you make. Several decisions, really. The decision to start; the decision to stick, and the decision to start over, when you need to. And you usually need to. 

Without these three things, no program will work for you, no matter how great their ingredients are. Some programs make it easier to plan meals. Others make it easier to get the right nutrition. Some seem to be easier to stick with. But the one thing they all have in common is you.

I’m sure you know plenty of people who’ve tried just about every program out there, and still haven’t gotten results. But others have had success doing the very same thing. What was the difference? Could it have been them? Could it have been you? 

Maybe you need to evaluate your commitment and follow through. Could it be that your successes (or failures) really depend on you? Getting started sure does. Sticking to it does, and so does starting over. 

In every conversation I’ve had with people who finally were able to make a change, the common denominator seems to be that they were all finally ready to change. I think that rule applies to health and fitness too, whether it’s diets, programs, plans or products. You’re still the secret sauce in this. 

So if one of your friends or family members has had some success with a program, give it some due diligence. If it looks reasonable, then go ahead and give it a try. It’s hard to argue with results. Who knows? It might be just the thing that works for you.

If not, that’s ok, too. You can scratch that one off the list and narrow it down. At least you tried. Keep trying. Check enough things out, and you’re bound to get there sooner or later. Just remember, health and fitness don’t come in a bottle, and YOU are the secret sauce!