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Three Steps To Making Change

Posted: March 16, 2016

I can’t think of many things left on their own, that automatically get better. Usually it takes being intentional about things if you want to make positive changes.  

Even when you let your body fight off a cold or flu virus by itself, there are some very intentional things going on. Antibodies are produced, and white blood cells attack the invading armies. If your system is strong enough, it will prevail. If it’s not, then you’ll have problems. 

Many of life’s struggles begin like a virus. They start small and seem innocuous. But let them get a foothold and they can end up overwhelming you. Simple thoughts can turn into small compromises, which in turn open the door to much bigger problems. 

Many of our more common problems have somewhat predictable solutions, if we’ll just address them. And help is out there. But the first step is acknowledging there’s even a problem. 

Even that can be a problem, especially for guys. We don’t like to admit our weaknesses, or that we’ve made mistakes. Sometimes, they’re just not repairable, but maybe they could have been, if we’d learn to reach out sooner and get some help. 

And that’s step number two. Get some help. There are other people who know what you’re going through. People who’ve been where you are, and have found a way out. They’ve lost weight; they’ve quit smoking; they’ve gotten out of debt. 

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday from a woman going into rehab. That’s a scary thing for her to do, but it may be the only place she can deal with the issues and problems she’s facing. So kudos to her, and God bless her on this journey.

Even if you’ve done it before and failed, whatever it is, the next time might be the one that makes all the difference for you. And that’s the third thing: keep trying. Don’t quit; stay the course. If necessary, start over. Do it again, but this time keep doing it.

So if you know you need to change some things, face up to it. You might as well admit it. Own it. Find somebody who knows what you need to know, and start doing it. Keep doing it. Finally, don’t give up. You can make a change, and that change can then make you!