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Posted: July 07, 2009

Now I’m not recommending this particular diet, but… it seems to work pretty well. Here’s what you do. Go to an oral surgeon, have two teeth removed, and eat or drink nothing for eight hours before the surgery. That way you can go with the IV drip sedation where you talk to them for a few minutes, and then wake up and it’s over.

The down side is that you’re going to bleed for a couple days afterward, and are pretty sore and tender. That means no solid foods for a few days. Here’s where the “extraction diet” really kicks in, because you’re only getting calories through liquids.

For me, it was four of those protein shakes a day, four hours apart—at the same time as the pain pill and antibiotic. It’s pretty humbling. Run 13+ miles, throw a bunch of weights around, roll around on the floor with sweaty guys trying to choke you, but miss that pill by a few minutes and wow!

Normally pretty active, I went two days without working out, either. That was even tougher than the diet. I’d just finished running 16 days in a row, the day before the extractions, and after just one day, I was going through withdrawal symptoms.

Kathy about had a cow when she came home and found me outside walking the lane. One trip to the mailbox and back is exactly .3 miles. Four trips was a little over a mile. On the second day, I made 7 trips to net 2.1 miles walking. You got to do something, right?

On the third day, I had some yogurt, cut up toast and got a regular workout in. By the fourth day, I was eating soup and cereal softened with milk and the like. The workouts were back in full force, too. In the end, I lost a few pounds, but it’s probably better to just Eat Right & Exercise Smart.

All it really takes is following a few of the following basic principles, and the results are very predictable—and it’s more fun than the “extraction diet.”

Get Started
Nothing happens unless you start. You’ve got to make a decision and take some steps to get the ball rolling. Sitting still never got anyone anywhere until cars and planes came along.

You’ve Got To Hit Your Minimum:
Everyone needs a certain number of calories each day to live, and if you don’t hit it, your body won’t let you burn fat for fuel. Women need at least 1,200 calories while men need at least 1,800 calories. Most women don’t eat enough. Men usually eat too much.

Eat 3 Healthy Meals and 2-3 Healthy Snacks:
Smaller, more frequent meals satisfy your hunger and keep your insulin levels stable. Missing a few meals just sets you up for a disaster later.

Eat Balanced Meals (Protein, Starch, and Fruits & Greens):
Proteins build muscle and bones; Starches give you long lasting energy; Fruits & Greens give you quick energy, some fiber, and lots of vitamins & minerals. Get off the junk.

Take Omega-3:
Research shows that eating the good fats helps you burn the bad fats. Omega-3 fish oil provides the good fats. Avoid foods cooked in vegetable oil.

Stop the Pop and Drink lots of Water:
The winner of our last Biggest Loser told me that he drank nothing but water for the entire 12 weeks. He lost over 50 lbs. Enough said.

Walk at least a mile a day:
This starts the calorie burning off right and gives you an edge. This is the first of two workouts. If you can’t do two workouts a day, that’s O.K. This just gives you an extra edge and could be the difference between losing a pound a week versus losing two pounds or more a week.

Do a 2nd workout each day:
Lift weights on M-W-F. Do your cardio workouts on T-TH-SA. Resistance training builds muscle which will make everything you do easier, and make you a fat burning machine. The cardio workouts will build your endurance and keep those calories coming off.

Don’t Worry Too Much About It:
Focus on the big picture. How do you feel? How do your clothes fit? What is your waistline doing? Have you lost fat? Then worry about the weight. Remember, a pound a week is good, two pounds a week is great, and anything above that is fantastic.

Stick With It:
People that can learn how to stick, get what they want. It might take awhile. So what? Time is going to pass anyway—whatever you do. Be thankful for the good things that are happening and stick with it.