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Speed Bumps May Slow You Down, But Don’t Let Them Stop You

Posted: October 24, 2014

Speed Bumps.

We’ve all experienced them. Just like with those bumps in parking lots, we’ve all faced some speed bumps in life, too.

You can be cruising right along, happy with how things are going. Then, all of a sudden, BAM, your undercarriage bottoms out, your head hits the top, and you have to take your foot off the gas. Frustrating, right?

Now I’m not talking about those major life crises, like cancer, heart attacks, massive financial setbacks, or even a spouse saying it’s over. At that point, everything changes, and it has to. In situations like this, it’s going to take everything you have just to survive.

But speed bumps are designed just to slow you down a little bit. That’s the kind of distraction we’re talking about here. Things that just throw us off track. It could be as simple as getting the flu, or sinus issues slowing you down. Or having your kids start fall ball.

I see it all the time at the gym. People finally get their mojo going and all of a sudden, their other obligations start pressing in. Maybe they get mandatory overtime for a couple weeks. Often, it’s the extracurricular activities their kids are involved in.

Right now, I can think of three of our current Biggest Losers with young toddlers. They’re too old to just put ’em in a baby bouncer or portable baby carrier. Those were the days, right? Just set ’em down and hop on the elliptical. All you had to do was give them a little toy and smile at them from time to time. They’re happy. You’re happy.

But not now. Set em down in a kiddie corral and try to hop on a treadmill. It’s like you’re leaving the state! I saw this just a couple days ago at the gym. Mom put her little one in our kids area for the first time, and put the gate up.

It looked pretty good the first few minutes, but cries of “Mommy, Mommy” soon rang out. So she hopped off and went over to comfort her child (as she should have). After the toddler calmed down and knew Mommy was still there, Mom went back and tried it again, but to no avail. She’d hit a speed bump.

Another couple I know did really well with their exercise in their little boy’s first year. But once he got mobile, all bets were off. They tried taking turns at the gym while the other watched their son, but it didn’t really work out.

I’ve seen some moms pushing those souped up strollers while going out for a walk or even a run. I used that strategy too, when my son was a baby. It helped him go nite-nite.

Actually it was for his afternoon nap. I had a loop around the kitchen island, around the dining table, through the living room and bedroom, and then back again. A few laps always did the trick and I can still hear his voice asking “Daddy, ride?”

When he was a little older, I’d push him up and down our lane. He loved it and I got some cardio too. I even know a gal who pushed a double stroller, with a dog running alongside, for several miles, all at a pretty good clip. Talk about your multi-tasking.

We’ve all seen families go out for bicycle rides together. I know families who now run 5K’s together. Recently on television, I even saw a family running a Spartan Sprint four mile obstacle course together. Now that was impressive.

It’s natural to slow down a little, when you encounter bumps in the road. But if you can find a way to keep on going and quickly get back up to speed, I know you’ll reach your destination!