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My New Theory: It’s All Relative!

Posted: July 30, 2015

We’re moving into the hottest part of the summer now. The temperature is pushing 90 degrees, but we have to remember, this would be considered cool for some people. It’s all relative. 

I was just at a clinic taught by an instructor from Arizona. They’re up over 100 degrees all the time, and have even had 115 degree stretches. It’s all relative. 

We feel the same way in the winter, don’t we? When it gets down around zero, we’re thinking “Wow, this is cold!” But for the people up in Minnesota and North Dakota, that would be quite a break from their normal sub-zero temperatures. It’s all relative. 

This week we had a group of 11 people start our first ever 24-Day Challenge. You may have heard of this program, which has been having a lot of success nationally, and even here in this area. 

We’ve also had some pretty good success with our Biggest Losers and Boot Camps over the years. Which one should you do? They’re good. We’re good. It’s all relative, right? 

So it got me thinking, what if we combined the 24-Day Challenge with what we do? They’re good at nutrition and we’re good at movement. What would happen if we put the two things together?

My working theory is: Excellent Nutritional Support + Excellent Training and Boot Camps should = Awesome Results (that are better than either could produce on their own). 

We’re going to test this theory this coming month, starting on August 1st. It won’t be a perfect study, because we can’t control all of the variables. But we should get some pretty good anecdotal evidence!

I’ve kept all the numbers from our first 25 Biggest Losers. This is a 24-Day Challenge, so we’ll be comparing these results to the first four weeks of the previous Biggest Loser groups. 

Of course everyone getting started has jumped right into the Boot Camps. I’ve had lots of people tell me they didn’t think they could do them at first. But we can always find ways to help people modify things so it fits their personal fitness level.

I’ve had people tell me they want to get in shape first and then they’ll try a class, or join a program like the 24-Day Challenge. I tell them that’s like saying you’re going to wait until you feel better before going to the doctor. 

Of course you also have the extra help and accountability that seems to make such a difference too. The thing they need to remember is that it doesn’t really matter where you’re starting, or where someone else might be on their own journey. 

Everyone’s trying to improve. And everyone involved is pushing and finds it challenging, including me. Just like people who live in more extreme heat or cold. It’s all relative. 

The main things are: 1) Just GET started; and 2) STAY started. Do these two things and you’ll get results. This next month, we’re going to see what we can do in 24 days. There’s still time if you want to jump in and join us!