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Little Bits Of Wisdom

Posted: October 07, 2015

This week, I thought I’d give you some quick thoughts about some important topics that have been running through my mind lately. I love hearing experts talk about these things and get fired up every time I hear them. Each one probably deserves its own article, but here goes:


Without a vision, the people perish. It’s in the Bible. We need to catch a vision of who we are, and more importantly, who we can be. It doesn’t have to be your own vision. But you need to be pursuing a vision. 


Very few things happen accidentally. Dave Ramsey says “we don’t just wander out of debt.” I think that applies to everything worth doing, too. Do something intentionally every day to help you toward your goal. 


Without commitment, you’ll never last when it gets tough. Lots of people catch fire, but I typically see more than half of them flame out for one reason or another. Which half are you in?


Once you know you’re committed, you’ll find a way to be persistent. Persistence isn’t necessary when it’s easy, but it’s critical when it’s hard. Adversity tests your commitment, but it’s your persistence that will pay off. 


We live in an amazing ecosystem that is very balanced. Our bodies are the same way. It’s that balance that sustains life. I think balance is required in our behaviors too. Extremes can be useful when you have a massive goal, but you can’t live that way long term. Find your balance. 


We tend to focus on the big picture, and that’s fine. That even helps you keep perspective. But it’s the attention to detail that sets you apart. All those little things can add up to something big. That’s biblical too. When you’re faithful in little things, you’ll be given more. Watch the details. 


If you give your best in everything you do, not only will you be respected, but you’ll respect yourself. You might not always win, but effort matters. How you do things matters.


A grateful heart is a happy, contented heart. In this consumer society, it’s easy to forget to be thankful for what we do have. On our worst day, most of us still have it better than 99% of the rest of the world population. If we’re truly grateful, we need to start acting like it.

So thank you! I appreciate your attention and kind words from time to time!