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Posted: July 10, 2014

Someone I hadn’t seen in awhile stopped me the other say. They’d gained 30 lbs and wanted some help getting going again. I got them started, but couldn’t help but think about the dozens of conversations I’ve had like this before.

Unfortunately, I see this all the time. People will work like crazy for three or six months but then just let it go. I’ve even had several work a whole year to lose 100 lbs, but then put it back on.

What’s so hard to understand is how this happens, especially after someone puts in all that time and hard work. It’s like spending a ton of money for a new lawn and landscaping, and then just deciding not to mow all summer. Or the next year, and the next.

People don’t really intend to put the weight back on. Just like no one ever wakes up one morning saying, “You know, I think I want to mess up my life today.” We just kind of slide into these things.

Drop your guard a little today; compromise a little bit tomorrow. Pretty soon, days and weeks can go by. Before you know it, you’ve lost your way. By then, up can be down, black can be white, right can seem wrong, and wrong can seem right.

To prevent this, you have to stay vigilant, wherever necessary. I’ve heard it called “building a hedge around yourself.” If you know you’re vulnerable to a thing, arrange it so it’s impossible for you to act, should you find yourself tempted. Another strategy is keeping yourself accountable in some way, even to someone else.

Our Biggest Loser “20” veterans will likely need these strategies. Now that they’ve finished their 12 weeks, some will need to set new goals. Others will need to keep a close watch on their diet and activity levels.

If they gain a pound one week, no big deal. But if they gain a pound two weeks in a row, it could be a big deal. They might need to turn the activity back up, or start watching their portions again. But these participants have shown they have the staying power to get the weight off and keep it off.

The winner for Week Twelve was Lori Hollingsworth, losing 3.0 lbs and 1.8%. Bailey Bradley was second, losing 1.8 lbs and 1.3%. Christy Henry placed third for the week, losing 2.2 lbs and 1.2%.

Our overall winner for Biggest Loser “20” was Christy Henry, who set a new women’s record during the 12 weeks. Christy lost a total of 46.2 lbs and an amazing 25.1% of her body weight. Great job!

Brian Bradley finished in second place overall, losing 43.2 lbs and 19.4% of his body weight. Third place went to Lori Hollingsworth, who finished the 12 weeks with 27.5 lbs and 17.0%.