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Posted: May 13, 2014

Why can some people stay in shape while others struggle with their weight? And why can some do it for awhile, but only awhile?

I’ve spent years watching people come and go. I’ve also spent years watching the same people keep coming back for more.

Some people just “have to do it.” They love the process. They love working out and getting sweaty. They come to love the challenge.


Posted: May 08, 2014

It’s easy to get tunnel vision sometimes, especially when we get busy. But if we’ll take a moment to pay attention, inspiration can often be found all around us. Here are a few things I’ve found noteworthy in the last couple of weeks. They’re in no particular order; they just happened to catch my eye, and impressed me.

Last Saturday, a friend of mine named Roy won his first MMA fight in the 1st round by a technical knockout. This means the referee stopped the fight because the other guy wasn’t intelligently defending himself anymore.

That’s probably because Roy had taken him down and was hammering on him pretty good. I think what impressed me the most, was that a couple days earlier, Roy told me how he saw the fight going. It went exactly that way. Now that’s working your plan!

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