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What’s Up With Us?

Posted: May 05, 2007

Why do we keep doing things the same way, even when they’re not working? Why do we keep doing things we know will harm us, like smoking, excessive drinking, and overeating?

Why do we start another exercise program, thinking, “this time we’ll keep doing it,” only to let other things pull us away, after just a few weeks?

Why do we buy an Ab Lounge™, Bow Flex™, Skiers, Treadmills, Exercise Balls, and then let them sit there collecting dust in the corner?

Taekwondo for Exercise…and More!

Posted: April 25, 2007

As a senior Taekwondo Master and instructor of many years, part of my responsibility is to attend regional and national tournaments and help out with the judging. This weekend, we took a group of kids and adults to a tournament about an hour away.

One of the benefits since becoming a Master last year, is that now I don’t have to judge all day. After judging the Black Belts first thing in the morning, I was free to walk around and watch our students. This was great, because I could see how they’re doing, and help them figure out a plan for their training afterward.

It also gave me time to reflect on several things. First of all, the fact that there were over 600 Taekwondo competitors is amazing. Sure, more than half were kids—there were 22 Orange Belt Tiny Tigers in my grandchildren’s ring alone, before they split them up.

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