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Posted: July 02, 2009

I had the opportunity to do a couple concerts and “Bodies-in-Balance—How to Eat Right & Exercise Smart” seminars recently. One was at a church over in Chenoa, IL last Wednesday night. I’d never heard of Chenoa before, but it was a nice drive and a nice little town.

Map Quest took me the most direct route, which is through the country, right through the middle of a wind farm. I’d seen them on TV, but it was something to see up close: 50 or so giant wind turbine generators, all turning slowly and majestically.

Someone told me that each turbine can produce enough electricity to power 3,000 homes. I’m not sure if it’s true, but it sounded pretty good to me. There are some drawbacks, though.


Posted: June 24, 2009

We just put Biggest Loser “7” in the books after twelve weeks. We started with 31 participants and ended up with about half the original field.

This time around, the time change and spring season allowed us to get outside for lots of different events, including park-to park runs here in town, a 5K over at Sarah Bush Lincoln, and even a bike rally. That added some nice variety to the workouts.

Even though we always see improvements in walk/run times, pushups and sit-ups, I was really impressed with their performance on the final fitness test. Typically, we’ll see a 2-3 minute improvement in the walk/run.

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