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How to Eat Right, Part 2

Posted: March 08, 2006

Previously, I gave you some examples for breakfast, lunch and supper. If you remember, each meal should have Protein—for building muscle and bone; Starch—for long lasting energy to get through your day; and Fruits or Greens—for quick energy, and lots of vitamins and minerals. If you can just grab hold of this idea, it can change your life.

Unfortunately, old habits are hard to break. People tell me all the time they’re just too busy to do it. Instead, they do frozen dinners, fast foods, and often, miss meals—especially breakfast. Let me say this loud and clear: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”

They call it break-fast, because you’ve been fasting all night. You’re starting the morning with nothing in your system—it’s all been used or stored as fat! You need to get the engine going, so make a point to start eating breakfast. One study showed that women who started eating breakfast, started losing weight, without doing anything else!

You see, each of us has so many calories we can eat that are basically “free”. You’ll burn it. For most women, it’s more than they’re eating now. Unless you’re a very petite lady (under 5’), you’re going to need a minimum of around 1300-1400 calories just to hit your minimum—to keep all your systems operating well.

If you don’t get your minimum in, your metabolism slows down to a crawl, making it very hard to lose fat. It’s kind of ironic—sometimes you have to eat more to lose weight! This can be true for guys too, but usually their problem is overeating—meals that are too big, and too much junk food. Nine out of ten women though, aren’t eating enough! Some know it; but some still think they’re eating too much.

You’ve got to start eating healthier breakfasts. Get up 5 minutes earlier, and cook a bowl of oatmeal with a banana, and have a glass of skim milk. You’ll have protein, starch, and fruit—a much better start to your day. Have a snack mid-morning, too. Some yogurt and fruit, or apple slices with some peanut butter.

For lunch, have something healthy. If you have to eat out, get the chicken salad, or a 6” sub, loaded with vegetables on whole wheat, or honey oat. Have another snack in the afternoon—maybe a meal replacement shack (lots of protein!), or a protein bar.

Have a great home cooked meal for supper. Have a Protein serving about the size of your hand. Have one Starch, and load up on the greens—a large salad with low fat dressing, or some fresh or frozen vegetables!

You might have to change your shopping habits, but it will be well worth it—you’ll start feeling better, and have more energy for your workouts, too! Next week, I’ll give you some examples of quality Proteins, Starches, and Fruits & Greens to choose from. You can do it. Make a decision!