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How to Eat Right, Part 1

Posted: March 08, 2006

I heard a report on the news the other day about car seats getting larger to accommodate our growing population! On the bookshelf in our local superstore there were 3 different calorie counting books, 4 diet books, and 3 exercise books—all best sellers. With that much attention to diet and exercise, you’d think they’d be putting smaller seats in cars!

Today I was counseling a woman who wants to drop 20-25 pounds. She started her day with a large cappuccino for breakfast. Lunch was a fast food chicken sandwich, with several lemon drops for a snack. Finally, supper was a 6” sub on wheat (actually, not a bad choice). Now there’s nothing wrong with a cup of coffee to start your day, but for breakfast?

Clearly, she needs to make better choices. Every meal should have a source of Protein, a Starch, and some Fruits or Greens. Here’s how she could change things and feel a whole lot better, right away:

1. A serving of Oatmeal or Quality Whole Grain Cereal (1 cup)
2. Glass of Lowfat Milk (8 oz)
3. A Banana (medium)

The banana is a simple carb—for quick energy to get going. The oatmeal is a high quality complex (long burning) carb—so she’ll have energy for a few hours. Both have lots of vitamins and minerals, so she’ll feel better! Finally, the lowfat milk is a good source of protein—for building muscle and bone.

1. 6” chicken (or other meat) sub on whole grain bread
2. Load it with lots of vegetables
3. Have a few chips if you like (buy the small bag)

The chicken is the protein—for building muscle and bone. The bread is the starch—for long lasting fuel for the afternoon, and the veggies are your fruits and greens—for some fiber and lots of vitamins & minerals.

1. Home made Meatloaf (3-4 oz women, 5-6 oz men)
2. 1/2 of a baked Sweet Potato
3. A Large Salad with lots of veggies: Lettuce, Spinach greens, tomato, cucumber, carrots, purple onion, green peppers, olives, and low fat dressing.

The meatloaf is the protein—for building muscle & bone. The 1/2 baked sweet potato is the starch—for fuel, and the salad is full of lots of vitamins & minerals—for your body. See the pattern?

You’d be stunned at how much you can eat when you’re eating the right things. And snacks? Try an apple sliced up with peanut butter, or some cottage cheese & fruit, or mixed nuts & raisins. Or even some frozen yogurt with some strawberries! Enjoy!