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Give Yourself Time To Succeed

Posted: April 28, 2015

I’ve had a chance to do some interesting things over the years and have noticed a principle that I keep running into. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, there’s always more to it than you think.

My older, wiser friends probably already know this, but things usually take longer than you think they will. It’s probably going to be harder than you thought, and it’s likely going to cost you more too.

I first ran into this principle when doing some remodeling many years ago. After lots of projects, I’ve concluded it takes twice as long, and costs about twice as much as you first thought.

That’s because once you get into something, other things always come up. Previously hidden problems reveal themselves. You might even realize there’s a better, but more costly way of going. Sometimes you have to undo work you’ve already done.

I’ve run across this principle when trying to pay off debts too. They’re like a fungus among us. Left unchecked, they’ll just keep on growing, until they get completely out of control.

It takes gazelle intensity, and a tremendous effort to turn things around. But it will never change if we don’t stop our borrowing. Still working on this one.

Making music is the same way. I’m finally about to head down to Nashville and shoot a music video for a decent song that I wrote over a year and a half ago.

We recorded it down there a year ago and it was mixed and mastered six months ago. Once we shoot the video, it will likely be another month or two before its edited and ready for viewing. It just takes time.

The other area I’ve really learned to give myself time, is in martial arts. I’ve been a 6th Degree for 10 years now, but the rest of my Master Class has moved on to 7th Degree and Senior Master.

My fault. I got sidetracked with a few things, but I’m definitely back on the program now. It’s going to take a couple more years, but I’ve waited ten years, I can wait a few more.

It takes about three years for kids or adults to earn a 1st Degree Black Belt. But if they can stick with it longer, they can become outstanding Black Belts. This is where all the great lessons are.

This is hard to do if you keep starting and stopping, though. It takes a continuous effort, but what doesn’t? This type of commitment is good training for life, where there are no off seasons.

I see people struggling with this principle all the time at the gym too. They want to lose weight and get in shape, which is awesome. That’s what we’re there for. The problem is that they expect to do it quickly. But it doesn’t work that way.

Whether the goal is to burn fat or build muscle, it’s going to take a lot of work. It will take longer than you thought. It’ll be harder than you expected. You’ll have plateaus and setbacks. It definitely will not be easy.

But just like anything else, when you’re putting in the time and doing the work, it’s always time well spent. Give yourself the time you need to succeed, and enjoy the journey!