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Posted: April 15, 2014

Getting it Done:

Biggest Loser “19” finished last week with some nice results. Several lost over 25 lbs and two lost more than 30 lbs during the twelve weeks. But the completion rate has always been 50% at best. Sometimes it’s as low as a third of the group.

This has held true for 10 years, regardless of the season, the day we’ve done it (Mon, Fri, Sat), or even the time of day. It’s held true with winners ranging from 25 to 60 years of age. It’s even held true whether we eased into things, or hit the ground running.

For whatever reason, about half the group never finishes. As you might imagine, this bugs me. I’ve even thought it could be me, but enough people have loved the program, that I figure I’m not the reason either. So I decided to ask what kept them going, even when they got busy, injured, discouraged or just plain didn’t feel like it. Here’s what the top ten had to say (in no particular order):

1. “I wasn’t about to start something I couldn’t finish.”
2. “Something about having to check in each week just made us accountable.”
3. “Having someone tell me what to do helped a lot.”
4. “Once I started seeing results, I got excited.”
5. “I saw other results besides just the numbers on the scale: my clothing changed and I could do a lot more.”
6. “I got with workout partners, took some nutritional supplements, and used a fitness app on my phone.”
7. “I just watched what I ate and worked out.”
8. “Family support kept me in.”
9. “We all celebrated victory together in the group.”
10. “I was just determined not to quit.”

On Monday night, I told the new group in Biggest Loser “20” that for whatever reason, only half usually finishes. Then I asked them, “Which half are you going to be in?” Almost everyone said they’re going to finish. Guess we’ll see in 12 weeks.