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Eat Smart, Part 2

Posted: May 24, 2006

This week, let’s look at what a day’s worth of food should look like. Remember, quality whole-grain starches give you long lasting energy; protein builds muscle and bone; and fruits & greens give you quick energy, fiber, and lots of vitamins and minerals!

It’s the most important meal of the day, and I didn’t make that up! It doesn’t need to be huge—it just needs to be something. Pick a healthy whole grain starch like oatmeal, or a high quality cereal, or 100% whole grain bread. Don’t eat too much—most women can probably get by on 1/2 to 2/3 cup of cereal or oatmeal, or a piece of toast. Men probably need a full cup, or 2 pieces of toast.

Add a good quality source of protein, like low fat milk, yogurt, or soy milk. Even low fat cottage cheese will work. A glass of milk will do, or 6-8 oz of yogurt.

Finally, add some fresh fruit like a banana, some cut strawberries, or even a fruit medley. If you have to, frozen is o.k., but fresh is always better!

Again you need to have a good quality starch—100% multigrain bread, or even Ezekiel bread! 1 slice for women, 2 slices for men. Whole wheat pasta or baked beans are also good choices. ½ a cup for women, and a whole cup for men.

Pick a good protein source, like fish, chicken, turkey slices (get fresh cuts—avoid the packaged kind), eggs, or cottage cheese. Sometimes I’ll have a chicken sub on whole wheat.

Round it off with some fruits or greens—maybe a side salad with low fat dressing. Or, you could have a chicken salad. Remember, the more colors in the salad, the better—it means you’re getting more vitamins and minerals! Another possibility could be cottage cheese on a salad, so you’ll get your protein too.

Some people will choose not to eat a starch for supper, which is fine, unless you’re working out. If so, you really need it for fuel. If you do, make sure you’re getting quality whole grains!

Make sure you get your protein here. Maybe 3-4 oz of meatloaf for ladies and 5-6 oz for men. Or have a chicken breast, or fresh fish—baked, not fried!

Don’t forget to load up on fruits & greens. I have a mixed salad every night, or sometimes a side dish like fresh cut garden green beans! Next week—we’ll take a look at some good snacks.