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Posted: April 22, 2014

I had a neat conversation with someone the other day. It was their first day back in the gym after spending the winter in Florida.

First of all, how cool is that? Not just Florida, but Florida during the blizzards! He said they were just lucky. I think he makes his own luck.

We were talking about older people and how to get them into the gym. He said he was working out because he doesn’t want to be back in a wheelchair.

Twelve years ago, a serious medical issue knocked him down, but apparently not out. It was tough going for awhile, though, and he said he can still feel it a bit on the one side of his body.

During his rehab, he stayed focused on a particular goal. He wanted to walk over a large skyway bridge down there, that was big enough for ships to pass under. It took lots of work, but he finally made it, both there and back!

He went on to tell me he’s pretty sure he’d be back in a wheelchair if he didn’t work out. So he and his wife come in regularly when they’re home in Paris. When they’re down South, they frequent a gym there.

It seems to be working. He’s a great example for people of all ages. Twelve years ago, he was determined to make it back. Now 80 years young, he’s still back!

Our Week One Biggest Loser was Terra Ogle, who lost an amazing 14.0 lbs and 7.0% of her body weight. Christy Henry placed second, losing 10.2 lbs and 4.4%. Bailey Bradley was third, losing 4.0 lbs and 2.8%, and her dad, Brian finished fourth, losing 6.0 lbs and 2.3%.