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Choose Life

Posted: June 29, 2006

Why don’t we do what we should? Why do we do what we shouldn’t do? Of course these questions go way deeper than just eating wrong. They’re as biblical as the time God told us Life and Death was set before us—and to choose life!

If we could figure this out, we could make some real changes. Most people know what they’re doing. I hear it all the time… “I know I need to eat better, but… .” Or, “I know, I need to get moving, but I’m just so busy right now.”

Smokers keep on smoking even though they know what the risks are. We know we need to get rid of that spare tire, but we just don’t seem to do it. It’s like we’re still teenagers—nothing’s ever going to happen to me—until it does. But we’re adults. We should know better! Maybe we just don’t want to think about it. So, I’m going to stick my neck out and give you the skinny on a couple of things.

1. Keep eating all that junk food and you’re going to get fat and clog up your arteries. You’re risking heart disease, diabetes, and you’re going to have to keep buying bigger pants!

2. Keep drinking all that pop and you might as well be injecting sugar into your veins. You’re going to have low energy, and you’ll never know how good you could really feel!

3. Keep eating foods with trans fats in them, and we just might read your obituary. Have you noticed how many people seem to be having heart attacks and triple bypasses in their 40’s now?

4. Keep eating like birds (ladies, this means you), and your metabolism is going to slow down to next to nothing, and instead of losing weight, you’re going to keep it on! Of the hundreds of women I’ve worked with, 9 out of 10 weren’t eating enough.

5. Keep going back for more (guys, it’s your turn), and your belly’s going to stick out till you can’t see your toes. This makes lots of things hard to do. But it might not matter, if you have a heart attack—you won’t be able to do them anyway.

6. Don’t eat your fruits and greens, and you’re going to get sick more often, feel run down, and even have a hard time going to the bathroom (if you know what I mean). This is huge!

I could give you more, but I’m already feeling kind of guilty. I’m supposed to be positive—you know, like “Come on! I know you can do it.” But, some of you aren’t doing it! What’s it going to take to get your attention?

Here’s the truth. You can make some changes now and feel much better. Or, you can wait until you have to change and it will be really hard. Or, you can wait until it’s too late. As always, it’s up to you. As for me, I’m going to choose life. I hope you do too!