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Posted: June 24, 2009

We just put Biggest Loser “7” in the books after twelve weeks. We started with 31 participants and ended up with about half the original field.

This time around, the time change and spring season allowed us to get outside for lots of different events, including park-to park runs here in town, a 5K over at Sarah Bush Lincoln, and even a bike rally. That added some nice variety to the workouts.

Even though we always see improvements in walk/run times, pushups and sit-ups, I was really impressed with their performance on the final fitness test. Typically, we’ll see a 2-3 minute improvement in the walk/run.

At the final post-test, several people took 5 minutes off their time, which is fantastic. Pretty much everyone doubled the number of pushups they could do in 12 weeks, and greatly improved their sit-ups too.

Several people told me that they never believed they could do some of the things they were doing by the end of the twelve weeks. For many of them, it’s a new lease on life. And it’s true. When you lose the weight, you feel better all the time. When you get in shape, everything you do gets easier.

Now the key is to set some new short term goals and to keep using their new, stronger bodies. They can do more, so now they’ll be able to get more done in their workouts, burning even more calories. This will help them reach their long term goal.

This week’s winner was Nicole Richardson, who lost 2.0% of her body weight and 3.2 lbs. She won a $20 Walmart gift card from Terry Elston and State Farm Insurance, who provided all the weekly prizes to the winners each time. Thanks, Terry!

So here are the final results for the twelve weeks. Remember, losing a pound a week is good, two pounds a week is great, and three or more pounds is just fantastic. That means I’m looking to see people average around 12.0 lbs. Anything above that is gravy, as far as I’m concerned.

Now I know people like to lose it quicker, but you need to be patient. It takes a while to put it on—so what if it takes you a year to lose everything you want? What’s a year, anyway? It’s going to pass anyway, regardless of what you do.

Our overall winner was Vince Porter, who lost 18.2% of his body weight over the twelve weeks, and a total of 51.4 lbs. Vince received a free one-year membership at the gym for all his hard work. He took 4 ½ minutes off his 1 mile walk/run time.

Vince said his life is different now. He has lots of energy throughout the day, and feels great. He also said that he loves it when he goes to work and puts on his belt, and takes it up three notches from where it used to be.

Second place overall went to Brittany Cline, who lost 14.5% of her body weight and 27.2 lbs. She said her secret was that she just came in and started moving. Pretty sedentary before, now she’s very active and feels a lot better. Brittany took 5 minutes off her 1 mile walk/run time.

Third place overall went to John Crow, who lost 12.7% of his body weight and 36.4 lbs—all on bad knees. He just came in all the time and worked around the injuries, doing everything he could do. He takes a lot of people’s excuses away.

Fourth place went to Stephanie Crampton, who lost losing 12.3% of her body weight and 20.6 lbs. She said that it was easy losing weight after her first child, but not her second. She was surprised at how well she did during the 12 weeks, and also with her final run, taking 5 ½ minutes off her time.

% lbs
1. Vince Porter 18.2 51.4
2. Brittany Cline 14.5 27.2
3. John Crow 12.7 36.4
4. Stephanie Crampton 12.3 20.6
5. Nicole Richardson 11.5 20.8
6. Linda Kerekguarto 11.2 21.9
7. Bessie Rigdon 8.7 12.2
8. Jaymi Warner 8.2 13.8
9. Heather Sutton 6.4 14.8
10. Brian Bradley 5.5 11.6
11. Kara Englum 5.2 8.2
12. Shirley Fiscus 4.7 9.2
13. Tisha Watters 4.7 9.6
14. Pennie Callaway-Duzan 4.4 7.0
15. Margo Yeargon 3.4 5.4
16. John Rigdon 2.7 5.5

Don’t forget to sign-up this week for Biggest Loser “8” which starts next Saturday morning at 10:00am, on June 27th. The cost is $50 and you don’t have to be a member here, but you probably should have a gym membership somewhere so you can get all your workouts in.

It’s your chance to use the rest of your summer to take off some weight and get in shape, just like the last group did. If you need structure in your life and a little help getting there, this can do it, plus you’ll have the whole community rooting for you. See you there!