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Posted: June 20, 2009

We just finished week eleven and once again we’re down to about half the group. We started with 31 people, but just 15 made the weigh-in, with another two or three still involved, but missing. Of the 15-17 that were left, only 8 made the workout, and it was another tough one.

If you want to keep your body changing, you need to keep changing the workouts. By changing it up, your body never knows what to expect and it keeps trying to adapt to the new workload. Experts call it muscle confusion, but I think it’s good for your mind too, as it keeps you from getting bored with the routines.

The goal this time was to give them a Level IV workout with a bunch of new exercises so they’d have some new material to work with. We also squeezed in some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) by running to the cardio room and jumping on the cardio equipment between rounds.

Here’s how it went, after a quick warm-up. The entire workout took about 55 minutes.

1. Walking Lunge-Curl-Press (15-20 steps)
Run 1 min

2. Single DB Cleans (10x each arm)
DB Curls (10x each arm)
Run 2 min

3. DB Deadlift-Curl-Press (10x)
Run 2 min

4. Pikes on the Ball (10x)
DB Curls (10x each arm)

5. Run 3 min

6. Wall Ball (1 min)
DB Curls (1 min)

7. Run 4 min
8. Passing Ball (on Back) from Hands to Feet (20x)
Rolling Plank on Ball (20x)
Ab Crunches on Ball with one foot up (15x each leg)

9. Run 5 min

This workout wasn’t for beginners, although beginners could do it, if they used lighter weights and didn’t push quite so hard, perhaps even taking small breaks between rounds. You also have to be sure and eat something before working out, or you’ll run out of energy, and maybe even feel sick to your stomach.

Here’s what happens during an intense workout when you don’t have enough fuel in your body. You’ll quickly use up all the free-fatty-acids in the bloodstream, as well as the glycogen that’s present in the muscle for fuel. But the workout is still going on.

Your body is trying to utilize fat for fuel, but that process takes awhile, and can’t quite keep up with the work, so you can’t quite cover all the energy demands. That’s when you start feeling sick. If you’ve eaten something though, you’ll have all the energy you need to keep on going.

When the group first started, they could never imagine doing a workout like that, but after 11 weeks, they were more than ready. In fact, they all made it look pretty easy.

This week’s winner was Nicole Richardson who lost 1.4% of her body weight and 2.4 lbs. Nicole did a great job on the 40 mile bike rally last week, and won a $20 Walmart gift card from Terry Elston and State Farm Insurance.

Second place went to Bessie Rigdon who lost 1.0%, and third place went to Linda Kerekguarto who lost 1.2 lbs. Next week we’ll have the final results for the twelve weeks. Don’t forget to sign up for Biggest Loser “8” which starts on Saturday the 27th at 10:00 am. Sign up ahead of time, so we can jump right into the workouts and get you started.

You don’t need to be a member to participate, but you should probably have a membership somewhere. The cost is $50 and if you stick it out the entire 12 weeks, you’ll definitely get into better shape this summer—and you could lose some of that weight too!