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Posted: March 07, 2009

48 people made this week’s weigh-in. I’m pretty sure another four or five are still active, so that puts us at around 52 or 53 out of the original 60. That’s still pretty good for the eighth week. Typically we’d be down a third or even half by now, so something’s different this time. People are sticking it out longer.

One thing that’s helping is that some have hooked up with a buddy. Their buddy calls to make sure they’re going to go workout and then calls to check in afterward. Sometimes they meet at the gym and workout together.

Making changes like eating right and exercising smart is tough for some people. Old habits are hard to break. New ones are tough to make. If you’re not extremely self-motivated, it helps to have someone who can provide that motivation for you. Most people work harder when working out with a partner. It’s a biblical principle. “Two are better than one” and “a cord of three strands is not easily broken.”

If you’re one of the ones that can do it on your own, you have a special gift. You are self motivated. But this gift isn’t just for you alone. I think we’re supposed to share it. You can motivate others too. Everyone needs to be fit and healthy, right?

Let’s say that 50 people finish Biggest Loser “6” and have made real and lasting changes. They know what to do and how to do it. They also decide to help one other person do it too. What if each of those 50 people took one person and mentored them this year? If someone didn’t stick with it, then they found someone else to help. If all 50 did it, by the end of the year, you’d have 100 people.

Next year the first 50 mentor a new group of 50 and the second group mentors 50 more. By the end of the year, that’s 200 people eating right and exercising smart. Then the following year you did it again, and then again. By the 9th year, we’d exceed the population of Paris. By the 12th or 13th year, we’d be reaching the equivalent of bigger cities. By the 22nd year, we’d be reaching billions. Obesity as we know it would be extinct!

I guess that might be a little ambitious, but I’m seeing it every day. People are bringing friends and family members and teaching them what to do and how to do it. It helps them keep coming and gets another group of people started at the same time. What could we really do if more got on board? How about you?

Two people tied for first place this week, both losing 3.1% of their body weight. Heidi Walls lost 4.2 lbs and Randy Weir lost 6.4 lbs. Heidi had to leave, so Randy won the $20 Wal-Mart gift card from Terry Elston and State Farm Insurance and the 30 minute massage from Bridgett’s Therapeutic Massage.

3rd Place went to Gary Goodman, who lost 2.8% of his body weight and 5.4 lbs. They were followed by Katy Kennedy, Bill Lewis, and Brian Bradley, all losing 4.6 lbs, and Jennifer Bowers, who lost 4.0 lbs.

Here are the results for the first 8 weeks so far. We’d like to see an average of a pound a week. But there are a lot of things that you have to factor in, like fitness levels, medications and medical conditions, injuries and forced time off. Even half a pound a week can be good in those circumstances and sometimes, just staying even is a good thing.

% lbs
1. Bill Lewis 19.5 50.2
2. Gary Goodman 12.6 27.6
3. Randy Weir 11.9 28.2
4. John Sanchez 10.4 25.7
5. Dawn Hopper 10.2 21.8
6. Brian Bradley 9.9 23.8
7. Chad Cline 9.5 21.8
8. Brenda Lilley 7.7 14.2
9. Erika Hollis 7.7 13.4
10. Erin Hutchison 7.6 15.4
11. Michele Everetts 7.3 17.4
12. Katy Kennedy 6.9 14.6
13. Shawn Bowers 6.6 19.4
14. Tony Peel 5.7 16.8
15. Ken McConkey 5.6 20.0
16. Chris Redman 4.9 12.8
17. Carol Cline 4.8 9.8
18. Janet Tyler 4.8 7.8
19. Heidi Walls 4.8 6.8
20. Kim Arbuckle 4.7 7.6
21. Penny Duzan 4.4 8.0
22. Jessica Fiscus 4.3 8.6
23. Haley Sanders 4.3 10.6
24. Angela Griffin 4.2 8.8
25. Echo Johnson 4.2 7.8
26. Kathy Kennedy 4.2 5.4
27. Sue Sheerhan 4.1 8.7
28. Shirley Fiscus 4.0 8.0
29. Bridgett Trover 3.9 7.2
30. Dale Anderson 3.9 9.6
31. Margo Yeargin 3.8 6.4
32. Beth Robertson 3.3 5.6
33. Tracy Rush 3.2 7.4
34. George Griffin 2.7 5.8
35. Jean McConkey 2.7 5.0
36. Teri Dennis 2.6 5.2
37. Tim Meyers 2.2 5.7
38. Chad Robertson 2.1 5.0
39. Cheryl Redman 2.1 4.0
40. Pam Kelly 2.0 5.0
41. Melissa Bradley 1.9 4.0
42. Renee Colvin 1.8 3.4
43. DeeAnn Green 1.6 2.2
44. Pam Waller 1.1 3.0
45. Judy Rush .009 1.4
46. Jennifer Bowers .004 0.8
47. Casey Redman .0 0
48. Mike Givens .0 0