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Posted: April 27, 2008

Well, we’re off again. 65 people met last Friday night for the 2nd time, following their 1st week in Biggest Loser “4”. We met for the 1st time a week ago for the initial weigh-in and 1 mile walk/run, 1 minute max pushups, and 1 minute max situps.

This time we started the Friday night workouts. After the weigh-in, Joe Stidham (the winner from Biggest Loser 3) took them out for a little run while I figured up the results for the week. Astonishingly, our Week One results might even be better than last time, but more on that later.

The goal in the first week is always to just get everyone moving. Remember, we’re asking them to work out twice a day. Walk a minimum of a mile every morning (20 min max), and then hit the real workout in the afternoon or evening.

That workout consists of lifting weights three times a week on M, W, F, and a focused cardio workout three times a week on T, TH, and Sat. For the first month, the weights will be on the machines.

This week, they were supposed to just do the circuit once, picking a weight they could lift comfortably 12-15 times. For cardio, they were supposed to warm up for 5 minutes, and then pick up the pace, incline, speed, etc… for 20 minutes or so, and then cool down for 5-10 minutes.

The goal next week is to turn up the intensity. On the weight machines, instead of one circuit, they’re supposed to hit it twice, and try to keep moving the whole time—no rest breaks. On their cardio days, they’re supposed to boost the intensity, and possibly keep going a little longer.

In the boot camp, they did pushups for a minute, situps for a minute, and then 5 sets of 10 body squats mixed up with a bunch of core exercises like planks, plank extensions, knee-ins, and an entire ab routine. Then they ran the dots (always a group favorite)—remember the “suicides” you did in school?

It was a tough workout, and most of them were pretty sore over the weekend, but the key is to get up and start moving and stretching, and the soreness leaves pretty quickly. They don’t believe me, but it will probably never be that bad again. The body is wonderfully made, and its ability to get stronger quickly is amazing.

We also told them how to measure their body fat, and they were supposed to go to the website ( and plug in their numbers. This would tell them their minimum—the amount of calories they need to eat, just to exist.

Then, they set a reasonable calorie goal, somewhere about that minimum. You might recall that I always say that 9 out of 10 women aren’t eating enough (and I can prove it). The goal here is to get them thinking about how much they’re eating this week.

Next Friday, I’ll talk to them about the quality of their food. Once they start dialing that in, plus all the workouts, we’ll start seeing some great results, if the first weigh-in is any indication. I’m also going to raise the bar in the Friday night workout.

The winner this week was Rodney Rodrick, who lost an amazing 4.6% of his body weight, which works out to -11.4 lbs! He received a $25 Casey’s gift card from Dimond Brothers Insurance, who is once again sponsoring the contest.

The second place winner was another newcomer, Tracy Rush, who lost 3.7% of his body weight and 8.8 lbs. We were unable to get a picture of Rodney at the time, so Tracy stood in for him in the picture.

Third place went to—surprise—Bill Lewis. Remember our runner-up from last time? He’s off to a strong start, losing 3.4% of his body weight and -7.6 lbs. Other great showings include Mike Elledge (-9.1 lbs), Jim York (-8.2 lbs) Josh Rigdon (-7.8 lbs), and Darren German, (-7.4 lbs).

Another 14 people lost at least four lbs and many lost 5 or 6 lbs, quite a few of them women! I don’t know, but this seems to be an even better start than last time, and you know how well that turned out. It’s a great new beginning for each of them. How about you? Why not follow along and do what they do? You could have a new beginning too.