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Posted: May 18, 2008

Last week we talked about being intentional about things. You know, doing things on purpose for a purpose. If you take enough steps in the right direction, well, then you get there.

If you want to accomplish anything in your life, you need to have desire. You need a dream. You’ve got to take action and get things started. And then you need to do things intentionally each day that will help you get to your goal.

But once you get past the problem of getting started, something else often gets in the way. You’ve heard the old saying—“we have met the enemy and he is us.” Life intrudes and old habits die hard.

Here’s where you need to have staying power, because things will try to throw you off track. You need consistency. You need to be like Chris and Cheryl from Biggest Loser “3.” You remember Chris. He was the biggest loser ever to not be the Biggest Loser!

He lost 56.5 lbs during the 12 weeks. Cheryl did pretty well too, losing over 36 lbs. Sometimes, people do the next one so they can keep things going. In their case, they knew they’d learned enough to keep it going. They’ve also learned how to be consistent.

Friday night, I was talking to the group about having what it takes, and in the other room there were just two people working out doing cardio. Guess who? The Redmons. I swear you can’t plan this stuff.

Chris told me he just hit the 75 lb mark this week and was shooting for 100 lbs. Cheryl’s at just under 50 lbs. It was Friday night, their contest has been over for a month and a half, and they’re the only two in the whole gym (except for the Biggest Losers).

Then after our meeting, I took the whole group back to the free weight room to get them going on Level II, and guess who was coming out. The Redmons. You could tell they’d really been hitting it. What a great example.

Folks, that’s consistency. I can set my clock by those two, and some others I see everyday. They’ve learned how to not let anything get in the way of them getting what they want. They know what they need to do, and they do it.

I believe that God inspires and makes things possible, but God won’t do it for us (except for those things too big for us to do). In the end, it’s up to us.

Right now, we’ve got over 50 people still going on Biggest Loser “4” (we started with 67). It’s been a month, and we’ve lost 17. Several signed up but never even showed up to the first weigh-in. Then, each week, we’ve lost a few for various reasons.

This week, our winner was Josh Rigdon, who lost 2.8% of his body weight and 7.0 lbs. Josh has been hitting it pretty hard, and received a $20 Kroger Gift Certificate from Dimond Brothers Insurance.

Here’s a list of the top 25 losers (that made the last weigh-in) for the first four weeks. They’re ranked in order of percentage of weight loss and are for just about half the group. Most of the others have lost between 2 and 4 pounds.

Next week, we’ll look at how the remaining contestants are turning it up. Right now, it’s time for my work out.

1. Josh Rigdon 9.8% 26.2 lbs
2. Bill Lewis 9.4% 21.0 lbs
3. Tracy Rush 8.3% 19.8 lbs
4. Rodney Rodrick 8.1% 19.8 lbs
5. Darren German 6.5% 19.4 lbs
6. Mike Elledge 6.3% 19.1 lbs
7. Kelly Reed 6.3% 12.4 lbs
8. John Kaufman 5.8% 12.2 lbs
9. Judy Rush 5.5% 10.4 lbs
10. Jeannie Kaufman 5.2% 8.4 lbs
11. Stacey Reed 4.3% 8.4 lbs
12. Shirley Duniphan 4.1% 9.0 lbs
13. Shawn Bowers 4.1% 12.6 lbs
14. Ed Motley 4.0% 9.6 lbs
15. Julie Reed 3.8% 6.6 lbs
16. Kelli Stidham 3.6% 9.6 lbs
17. Janet Tyler 3.5% 6.2 lbs
18. Kelli Gates 3.5% 7.8 lbs
19. Barb Board 3.3% 6.4 lbs
20. Lisa Eskew 3.3% 6.0 lbs
21. Nancy Motley 3.2% 4.6 lbs
22. Steve Jones 2.8% 7.2 lbs
23. Julie Wieland 2.8% 5.8 lbs
24. Lynn Anderson 2.7% 5.2 lbs
25. Gary Lane 2.3% 6.4 lbs