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Posted: February 17, 2008

If people make it into the second month of a fitness program, I’ve found that they’ll usually be successful. But getting past that first month can be a problem for some people. This week, I’ve had several of the 57 let me know they were stopping, and there are several others who haven’t been coming, so I figure they’re done too.

There are lots of reasons why. The best reason I heard is that one of the gals was pregnant, and couldn’t continue to workout at that pace. I totally agree with that. She’ll still be exercising for another few months, but not at the frenzied pace these guys are doing.

Remember, you can lose weight slowly if you like. There is nothing wrong with that, and I recommend it. It might even be more permanent. Simply start walking everyday, and increase your speed and distance over time, and you’ll see results.

Start watching your portions and eating more fruits and vegetables, and you’ll see even better results. Most people want quicker changes though, especially when they see those huge transformations on TV.

Some of the other reasons were pretty good, too. Sometimes your body isn’t ready for such a dynamic and total change, and running and jumping. That’s O.K. Just start easy and do what you can. Work up to it, but do something.

The real concerns I have are for the people that start and stop altogether. Something clicks and they want to do it, but then they somehow lose momentum. Life starts to intrude. That’s where the rubber meets the road. Here’s what you have to do.

You have to be deliberate about things. Each day you deliberately choose to do certain things and to not do other things. In this case, you have to deliberately set aside time each day to get in your workout—for best results, twice a day. Walk a mile in the morning and then get your workout in that night.

But if you let each day determine whether you’ll get your workout in, you’ll never really get started. Things will come up. You’ll miss one workout, then another. Finally you’re missing more than you get. Then you surrender. You have to be deliberate about it.

You have to be deliberate about what you eat, too. Each day, on purpose, with a plan, you’re eating better. I mean come on; those Twinkies don’t just jump in your mouth. Fruits and Greens aren’t going to jump off the shelf into your shopping cart! You have to be deliberate about it.

Next, and it’s a subtle difference, you have to be consistent. Doing things the same way each day gives you power. You do it today because you have to. You do it the same way tomorrow because you have to. It gives you momentum, and then you start to see changes.

People often complain they’re not getting the results they’d like. When I ask them “have you been getting in all your workouts?” “Both workouts?” “Well, no. Not both of them, but I did really well Tuesday.” “Are you hitting your minimum—getting enough calories in?” “Uhm… yeah, most days, but yesterday, I was really busy and missed breakfast and lunch too.”

This is not being consistent. Consistent means you do the same things every day. Here, in town, when you travel. Whether you’re at home or eating out. You have a plan and you stick with it.

Finally, sometimes it just takes time. Some medicines can make it harder for you to lose weight. That’s unfortunate, but it’s the way it is. Roll with it. Keep trying and get over the fact that it’s going to take you longer. That’s no reason to quit. You can still get what you want if you’ll just stick it out. I call it “winning through stamina.” You just outlast em.

You also keep changing the program—building intensity—using your body in different ways. That’s why I taught them another workout routine this week. Here’s the second routine they’ll be doing.

Make sure you know how to do each movement correctly. Perform 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions (gals) and 10-12 reps (guys). If you are doing some jogging or running now, you can omit the Calve Raises.

1. Walking Lunge (with or w/o weights—Hips, Buns & Thighs
2. DB Pec Fly’s on the Exercise Ball—Chest & Shoulders
3. DB Dead lift (with slightly bent knees)—Hips, Buns & Thighs
4. DB Pullovers—Upper Back & Biceps
5. Calve Raises (on a step with or without DB)–Calves
6. DB Shoulder Press—Shoulders & Triceps
7. Standing DB Curls (together)–Biceps
8. DB Tricep Kickbacks—Triceps
9. Ab Crunches (knees bent, feet flat on floor)
10. Ab Crunches (legs straight and pointed up in the air)
11. Ab Crunches (knee bent, other leg crossed, both sides)
12. Leg Raises (on back with shoulders up, alternate raising straight legs 12” off floor)

This week’s winner was Cheryl Redmon. You may recall last week she won 1st place for the ladies. This week she led both the gals and the guys with a percentage weight loss of -2.10%, and 4.4 lbs lost, with 19.4 lbs lost to date. She won $20 cash from Dimond Brothers Insurance.

I think her husband Chris was just a little frustrated, as he’s lost the most weight so far (-29.4 lbs), and the most weight this week (-6.0 lbs). He realized that he could lose the most weight, but still lose the contest and he wasn’t happy. I mean he’s been running on the treadmill—just busting it, and it shows. Six pounds is awesome.

I explained it’s based on size. It’s harder for someone 200 lbs to lose 4.5 lbs than it is for someone 300 lbs to lose 6.0 lbs. That’s why percentage of weight loss levels the playing field. Now, it’s “game on!” And Cody’s right in the thick of things too (-5.2 lbs this week, and -23.2 lbs overall).

This one family has lost 72 lbs in 5 weeks! Any way you slice it, they’re all going to be big winners, even if they’re not the biggest loser.

Think about it. What if other families started competing to see who could lose the most weight? Maybe they take a vacation to that person’s favorite destination. Or that person gets the new thing they’ve been wanting and the others have to pay for it. What if your house could lose…?