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Posted: March 15, 2008

We’ve just finished 8 of the 12 weeks so it’s time for our monthly summary. We started out with 57 people. There are about 30 left, and 23 made the last weigh-in. Of those 23, all have lost at least a half a pound a week.

Remember, if you can lose a pound a week, that’s great. A half a pound a week still works—it just takes you a little longer to get there. Two pounds a week is fantastic, and anything over that is just amazing.

The other thing to remember is that it’s the long haul that matters. Some of the folks who lost a lot of weight early have slowed down a bit. Some of the others who struggled early on have found their stride, and are doing better now.

Most everyone’s eating pretty well. At this point, it’s going to be about turning it up in the gym, at home, or wherever.

A great example is Janet, who lost 3.0 lbs this week. When I asked her what she did differently, she said she realized she needed to turn it up, so she dusted off some old Richard Simmons tapes. You’ve got to do different things, and that sure was different!

The main thing I’m seeing is that those who lose the most weight are doing two workouts a day (most days). That gives them a calorie burning edge—in the end, it’s just math. Add up enough calories burned and your end gets smaller.

The other thing is that most of the Biggest Losers are running. You don’t have to be like Joe, who’s running several miles a day. It can be as simple as jogging a minute and walking two, then jogging another minute and walking two more, and so on. As you get stronger, jog a little longer and walk a little less.

I still walk when I run. Today I ran 9 miles, but walked a minute at the end of each mile. I couldn’t do those longer distances without that little walk break. It gives me a chance to get a drink, towel off, and mentally gear up for another 9-10 minutes of running. And knowing that break is coming up helps me keep going a little longer when it’s getting hard.

We also had another visit from our resident nutritionist, Camilla Whitkanack, MS RD from Terre Haute Regional. Camilla talked about the differences between good and bad choices when eating out at fast food restaurants.

One thing we learned was to watch out for the high sodium content in many fast foods—even the healthier ones. Each of the main fast food places had a couple choices that were O.K., although they all had a bunch of things to avoid. Check the menus and product facts to be sure you know what you’re getting.
Here’s the monthly summary of where everyone is (of those who weighed in).
Name % Loss Lbs
1. Joe Stidham 14.015 32.6
2. Bill Lewis 11.901 32.8
3. Chris Redmon 11.458 37.4
4. Cheryl Redmon 11.418 25.6
5. Tony Haupt 9.008 23.6
6. Cody Redmon 8.862 29.6
7. Donnie Bartos 8.235 16.7
8. Penny Spinner 8.021 13.9
9. Stacey Reed 7.636 16.8
10. Tiffany Gann 6.868 15.0
11. Janet Tyler 6.559 13.0
12. Robert Sanders 6.470 18.0
13. Jasmine Camp 6.443 15.0
14. Mike Slaven 5.990 16.4
15. Becky Slaven 5.978 9.6
16. Rita Haupt 5.327 8.8
17. Angel Lumpp 4.163 6.5
18. Denise Cravens 3.979 6.2
19. Shirley Fiscus 3.526 7.2
20. Carrie Witmer 3.365 7.0
21. Pam Kelly 2.842 7.9
22. Mary McFatridge 2.475 5.0
23. Dawn Hopper 2.222 4.0

Our weekly winner for week eight was Angel Lumpp, who lost 2.29% of her body weight, and 3.5 lbs. Angel won a Subway gift card from Dimond Brothers Insurance.

Angel had struggled a little bit early on, but she’s been very determined to continue, and very consistent in getting to the gym. I think she’s figured out what works for her, and she’ll continue to see pretty good results from here on out. See you next week!