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Posted: March 23, 2008

I stirred up the pot this week for the Friday night workout. After everyone weighed in, I told them we were going outside for a run. Since this group started in January, we hadn’t been able to get outside due to the weather. This was our chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and for me to make a couple points.

Two actually left before we started. I never heard why. Someone said it might have had something to do with walking/running outside.

Anyway, we walked down Wood St. for a couple blocks and then I told them to jog down to the stop sign at 5 points, over to Court St., and then come back up that really nice hill to the center.
They were to do it at their own pace. If they had to walk, that was fine, but I wanted them to try to keep jogging. Half the group had already been doing some running so they took off. For the other half, this was quite a departure from their routine, and that was exactly what I wanted.

Jogging involves your entire core—much more than walking—and it burns way more calories. Recent research has even shown that jogging won’t hurt your knees any more than any other exercise, unless you’ve already had some knee problems, so most people can do it.

It’s the ultimate in interval training, too. After walking a few minutes to warmup, pick up the pace and jog a minute, then walk two, before jogging another minute, walking two more, and so on.

As you get in better shape, start jogging two minutes, walking two, jogging three minutes, walking one, or whatever. Soon, you’ll be able to jog an entire mile, or two or three, and controlling your weight will get a lot easier.

Our bodies are designed to propel us forward, jogging, efficiently. We’ve just quit doing it. What do kids do, instinctively? Run. Somewhere along the way, most of us have left that behind, and we’ve gotten fatter as a result.

Give it a try. Start slowly and work your way into it. It will get easier each time. The guys and gals that found that first one tough will see a quick improvement, if they’ll just get out there and do it again.

If it’s nice next week, we’ll do it again, only farther. Hopefully, it won’t be the next time they get out there to practice.

This week our winner was Joe Stidham who regained the overall lead. He said he worked really hard this week and it showed, with a percentage weight loss of 2.92% and -5.8 lbs. He won $20 as this week’s prize from Dimond Brothers Insurance.

With two weeks left, it’s a pretty tight race. Astoundingly, we have two people at over 40 pounds lost, and another one almost there. Another two are over 30 pounds, and quite a few have lost around 15 lbs.

After the run, we went back in the weight room and I showed them a bunch of new exercises that take simple movements and combine them into compound movements: Walking Lunge, Curl, Press; Split DB Cleans; Power Cleans; Thrusters; Floor Wipers; Clean, Jerk & Press; and Tractor Tire Flips. These new movements will get them even better results because they’ll be using more muscles at the same time. This means they’ll be burning more calories, helping them stay on track to their goal.

As always, the key is turning it up a notch, and these compound movements will do the trick. Anyone can do them—it just takes a little help getting started—and just like running, you start out easy and work your way up. See you next week!