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Posted: March 29, 2008

Well with one week to go for this group, we’ve seen some pretty amazing results. It seemed like most everyone has been able to step it up in their workouts, and that’s going to go a long way to helping them get what they want.

Last week, Chris asked me if lifting weights would interfere in his weight loss, which has been outstanding. I told him that it wouldn’t. In fact, it would help, because more muscle means a faster metabolism, and that makes you a better fat burner all the time. It also helps you burn more calories during your workout.

Think about it. If you get stronger, you can push harder. If you can push harder, you can burn more calories. That’s what I call the “cycle of success.” At first, when you’re trying to lose weight, you’re really fighting your own body.

It’s like pushing a car that won’t start. It’s really hard at first because you have to overcome inertial. Once you get it rolling, though, it’s easier to keep it moving. Same thing with your body. Lose a little weight, put on some muscle, get stronger, and you’ll be able to lose more weight later. It’ll also be a lot easier to keep it off.

Well, Chris proved the concept to be true, because this week he lost 7.4 lbs, and I’d seen him and his wife hitting the free weights. He also said that he never quit moving—another important concept—while working out.

This is another key concept. If you are trying to become a body builder, or are lifting heavy, for maximum power, then you should take breaks in between sets. What I’ve found for most people, though, is that if they’ll keep moving, they’ll burn more calories, and they get better weight loss results.

We also use that concept in our Level 3 and 4 training for people wanting to take it to the next level. We raise the intensity so you never stop moving. You get more for less. Less time, but more calories burned. Sounds pretty good to me.

Ironically, even with that great 7.4 lb loss, Chris didn’t win this week—a problem that’s been plaguing him this whole time. While he’s lost the most weight by far (-54.8 lbs in 12 weeks), others have been pulling off a slightly greater percentage of weight loss.

This week it was Joe Stidham again, posting an incredible -3.21% of body weight, and a weight loss of 6.2 lbs. This is pretty hard for Joe, because he’s lost so much weight, he’s little now!

He definitely turned it up, though, running longer distances. His goal is to run a 5 K (3.1 mi) run in a couple weeks, and then to possibly run a half marathon (13.1 mi) with me in May. Joe won another $20 cash prize from Dimond Brothers Insurance for being the Biggest Loser for week 11.

Right now, he’s on track to win it all (-19.690%), followed by Bill Lewis (-17.489%), and Chris Redmon (-16.789%). Anything can happen though, and we’ve seen it before. Have a bad week (gain), and let someone else have a great week, and it can turn pretty quickly. It will be pretty interesting as we come down to the wire.

And as Biggest Loser 3 is coming to a close, we’re in the final registration process for Biggest Loser 4, which starts Friday, April 11th. We’ve got about 25 registered so far, and have room for about 15 more. If you’re interested, you better get signed up, because this time I’m capping it at 40.

Same rules as before: $25 entry fee, and you can be a member anywhere, but you’ll need to be working out somewhere. Twice a day workouts. You know the drill. This will be the last one I do for awhile. These guys are wearing me out! Whew. Good thing I workout.

Next week, the final results from Biggest Loser 3. Who’s it going to be? How much weight did they lose overall? Stay tuned!