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Posted: November 11, 2007

This week’s winner was Jack Akins with a weight loss of 3.6 lbs, followed by Dana Stites, who lost 3.0 lbs. At age 57, Jack’s our oldest contestant, and he wants to be in better health for his family.

He works in health care and told me “I see people come with bad health from letting themselves go. I need to do something now for me.” As this week’s Biggest Loser, Jack received a nice tote bag provided by Paris Community Hospital.

The contestants stepped it up this past week by adding different activities like replacing their weight training on the machines with free weights, and doing their Friday night workout roller skating, courtesy of Twin Lakes Roller Rink. Skating is a great cardio activity and lots of fun too!

Quite a few commented how they’ve felt a difference with the dumbbells. Remember, free weights cause you to use more accessory muscles to stabilize the weights, and also work your core more.

They’ll continue to feel the difference as they get stronger and can do a few more reps, and up their weights. It’s extremely empowering. As your body and core get stronger, everything you do gets easier. Their metabolisms will speed up too.

In fact, building muscle is the secret weapon in burning fat. If you ever looked at a fat cell, you’d see a blood supply and not much else. Look at a muscle cell under a microscope and you’ll see lots of things; it looks like a little engine—and that’s exactly what it is.

More muscle means you need more energy to operate. Where do you think that additional energy comes from? You guessed it—fat. Put on some muscle and you’ll become a fat burner even when you’re just standing around. Of course, you get stronger too, which lets you push harder the next time, creating a cycle of success.”

There’s also the feeling you get after a good hard workout—it’s better than any drug out there, and it won’t get you arrested. You’ve heard of the “runner’s high.” It actually exists, and not just from running. Endorphins are released in the bloodstream that actually make you feel good.

Finally, there’s the good feeling you have about yourself, because you know you just did something that’s going to help you reach your goal. It all works together to help you get what you want.

I’m very impressed with this group. It’s been five weeks and no one has quit. Last year at this time, we’d lost almost half the group for one reason or another. This time, everyone has stuck, and that brings me to my last point.

The first step is simply starting. Everyone wants to change, but few people ever set out on the journey—and how can you get to your destination if you don’t even start?

All of these people have started, but they’ve also done something else that is just as important—they’ve been deliberate about it. They found a plan and deliberately, each and every day, make decisions to follow that plan, and that’s where they’ll find success.

Most of them lose weight each week, even if it’s only half a pound. Some are losing two pounds consistently. Sure, there are the few bumps now and again, but generally, they’re all headed in the right direction. All it’s going to take now is time.

If they’ll just keep doing what they’re doing, they’ll get what they want. And it takes a deliberate action sometimes. There are lots of land mines just waiting to blast ‘em. Life conspires to make it tough and it’s the focused, deliberate people that make it through.

They’re also consistent in their approach. It’s stupid to keep doing something you know isn’t working, but it’s really smart to keep going, once you figure out something that is.

These guys (and gals) are pretty consistent about getting their workouts in. They’re consistent in raising the intensity periodically (my job). They’re also consistent (mostly) in making better food choices throughout the day, and through the week—and that’s what it takes.

Once they have success, all they have to do is repeat it. Just do it again for another day; for another week. Just do it again. So why not get started? Find a good plan. Be deliberate about it—get focused. Learn how to be consistent in your approach, and you’ll get what you want. It’s working for them. It will work for you too.