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Posted: January 07, 2008

This was the 12th and final week of the contest and our top two competitors ran neck and neck, ending the week with a tie at 2.6 lbs. Shirley kept Steve honest up to the very end, with a very strong 2nd place finish (30.4 lbs). That was 10 lbs more than her closest competitors, and the most a woman’s lost in 12 weeks.

Steve ended the 12 weeks 38.8 lbs lighter, and $500.00 richer. He said it was just in time for Christmas shopping for the kids! Steve lost over 40 lbs the first time, and in the last year has lost over 100 pounds total. Talk about changing your life!

Karl finished 3rd (23.4), Dawn Stewart was 4th (19.8), and Marvin and Carol tied for 5th (19.2). Tony was 6th (18.8), Dawn Hopper was 7th (18.0), just edging out her husband Roger (17.0).

Many of the contestants would have finished even stronger, but we’re moving into the holiday season. With parties at work, and fewer workouts in the gym, several of them actually gained a few pounds this week, otherwise we’d have seen several more people over 20 lbs for the 12 weeks.

Of the 21 people that started the contest, 16 made the final weigh-in, and 19 were still working out regularly. Nine of the contestants lost around 20 lbs. Twelve of the 21 lost 10 or more lbs.

While not everyone had a chance to do the fitness post-test, those who did showed great improvements. Most took 2-3 minutes off of their 1 mile walk/run time. Those that improved the least still took off 1 ½ min of their time.

Everyone improved in the situps and pushups too. There were several who couldn’t do a single situp when they began. Just 12 weeks later, they were able to do 12-15.

Now they’re all at a crossroad. This is probably the most important time for them. Hopefully, they’ll keep the gains they’ve made, and continue to progress. And it’s a perfect time to press on.

Let’s say they needed to lose 60 lbs, and they lost around 20. All they need to do is simply do it again. Start another 12 week cycle. Do it again and lose another 20 lbs. Then, do it again. That’s it. Just two more 12 week sessions and they can have what they want. Doing what they know.

If they lost 10 lbs, it might take a little longer, but the results are still predictable. It’s doable. All they have to do is—do it. In fact, there wasn’t a single person that can’t get down to their ideal body weight in 12 months at the most, if they just keep working at it.

Take Steve for example. It’s been a year and he’s down over 100 lbs. He says he has another 36 lbs to go. If he’ll just do it again for another 12-16 weeks, he’s there. It’s predictable.

For some of the contestants, 12 weeks will do the trick. For most of the rest of them, it might take two more 12 week sessions. And that’s how you do it. Set a new goal. Pick a reasonable amount of time to do it in, and start doing it.

Your chance is coming up, too. Like I told you last time, we’re going to start a community wide Biggest Loser “3” in just 2 weeks on Friday, January 4th. Same $25 entry, same $500 prize.

We’ve already have 5 people sign up just from last week’s article, and I think some of these contestants are going to do it again too. I’m not going to set a limit on it this time, but we’re starting with or without you on the 4th!

You can work out anywhere you like—here, at the YMCA, Curves—wherever you want to have your fitness membership. You can even work out at home, or at work, it you like. We’ll all come together at our place on Fridays for the weigh-ins and a boot-camp style class.

This time, I won’t be putting the names & weights in the paper each week, but I will give updates from time to time, and write about the winners a little bit.

Everyone talks about making that change after the 1st of the year. Maybe you have too. Here’s your chance. What are you going to do with it? May God bless you this Christmas season, and I’ll see you in 2008!