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“Biggest Loser 2” — First Weigh In

Posted: October 07, 2007

Wow, did I ever underestimate the interest in doing a “Biggest Loser 2” this year! The phone started ringing the day after the last article was printed, and within a week and a half we had all twenty participants.

This year they’re competing for $500 (they each put up $25), plus an extra $100 put up by last year’s winner, Steve Johnson. If you remember, Steve lost 44 lbs last year, another 20 lbs since, and wants to take off 40 more. If someone else wins it this time, and beats his 44 pounds from last time, they get the extra $100.

Like last year, we’ll have weekly winners based on the most pounds lost. If the pounds lost are equal, we’ll look at the % of body fat lost. We’ll weigh in each Friday and publish the results early the next week. I’m also looking for some sponsors to donate the weekly prizes (we’ll give you a mention in the article).

Here are the participants: Angie Archibald, Brian Blair, Carol Laughton, Gene Rigdon, Cindy Irish, Dana Stites, Dawn Hopper, Dawn Stewart, Deanna Mason, Jack Akins, Janice Watson, Karl Degenhardt, Marvin Hooper, Myla Savant, Roger Hopper, Shirley Fiscus, Steve Johnson, Susan Hooper, Theresa Campbell, Tony Peel, and Windy Hoult.

Last Friday was the initial weigh-in, and we started with a basic fitness assessment: a one mile walk/run for time, one minute pushups, and one minute sit-ups. The one mile test went pretty well, but there were lots of groans and moans during the pushups and sit-ups.

In a couple cases, some people couldn’t do any sit-ups. That will change. In twelve weeks, they’ll all be shocked at how much they’ll have improved in each area.

This week we’ll get them started doing Level I cardio (walking outside or on the treadmill, using the elliptical, and the exercise bike), and Level I resistance training (a 13 station strength circuit) in the evenings.

They’ll also be doing an extra cardio workout in the morning or on their lunch hour to get their metabolism moving and put them in calorie deficit early. That way, all the calories they eburn during their evening workout will contribute to fat burning.

Next week we’ll talk about why building muscle helps you burn fat. We’ll also talk a little bit about eating right. You might be surprised about a few things. Stay tuned!