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7 Ways To Do Better In 2015

Posted: January 07, 2015

The New Year has come and gone, with all the usual fanfare. Now that we’re all getting back to our routines (some would say daily grind), how do you feel about it so far? Are there some changes you need to make? Have you set some goals to help you get there?

I was listening to financial guru, Dave Ramsey, on his internet radio show yesterday. Although he specializes in helping people clean up their financial mess, he was referencing success coach Zig Ziglar.

First of all, I love this. I’m listening to one of my heroes (Ramsey), who happens to be quoting one of his hero’s, the legendary Zig Ziglar. How cool is that!

According to Dave (and Zig), there are 7 areas in which we need to set goals. Here’s how Dave described each one, along with some things he had to say about them:

1. Physical goals — Most of us probably need to start taking better care of ourselves. Eat right and exercise more. “No one stuffed that food down your face but you.” Yeah boy!

2. Intellectual goals — In 2015, try to expand your mind. “The average millionaire reads at least one non-fiction book a month.

3. Career goals — What can you do this year to advance your career? More education? Look for better opportunities? “Take ownership of your career.”

4. Social goals — “Wipe that frown off your face and smile more.” People will like you better and it will open doors.

5. Financial goals — “This is the year you finally start working to get out of debt. Attack this thing like there’s no tomorrow, and you’ll change your life forever.”

6. Family or Relational goals — This takes work just like everything else. “You know all those people you see in church that you told you’d call and get together sometime? Call em up and get together already. Make a list and tackle it one at a time.”

7. Spiritual goals — You can do well in all the other areas, but if you miss this one, you’re really missing out. Get back to church. Talk to God.

For a goal to work, it must be Specific; what exactly do you want? It has to be Measurable, so you can track your progress.

It has to have a Time Limit on it. When will you get there? It also has to be Your goal, not someone else’s. Finally, it has to be written down. Even better, tell lots of people about it.

Some people setting goals include our Biggest Losers. The Week Five winner was Brian Bradley, who lost 3.0 lbs and 1.3% of his body weight. Second place went to Colten Gore, who lost 2.0 lbs and 1.1%. Crystal Kirby was third, losing 2.4 lbs and 1.0%.

We have just two weeks left with this group. Biggest Loser “24” starts the same night that “23” ends, on Monday, January 19th. Let me know if you want to participate and set some goals of your own!

(Note: You can listen to Dave Ramsey’s daily radio show archives online at