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3 Tips For Success

Posted: August 27, 2015

I’ve tried to pay attention to people in and outside of the gym for many years. It’s always interesting to try and figure out what works. Over the years, I’ve also been privileged to work with many kids and adults in the martial arts too. 

Some have wanted to get in lose weight and get in shape. Some have wanted to learn how to defend themselves. Others like the challenge of competition; and still others just like the challenge of doing something new. 

Whether it’s the gym, or martial arts classes, or even the popular boot camp classes, they all seem to have something in common: They want to improve themselves in some way. So I’ve been trying to understand what makes some people successful, when others aren’t. 

I’m sure there are lots of other variables too, but the ones that have really jumped out at me recently are: 1) Commitment; 2) Attention to Detail; and 3) Staying Power. So here a few observations about each of these qualities. 


Without a real commitment to something, you’ll never really get started. 

You have to be committed an idea first, then yiu have to commit to the process. 

Without a strong commitment, your change usually won’t last in the face of other challenges for your time. 

In the end, your commitment is what carries you through. 


Your attention to detail is what separates good from great. 

It’s in the details where you show that you really care about something.

Sloppy work means sloppy results and maybe even a sloppy life. 

When you care about the details, you care about others, and yourself. 


Once you’ve started, stopping usually never gets you anywhere. 

How long it takes isn’t nearly as important as getting there. 

Sometimes, success is just a step or two more away. 

What we really need is people who will stick it out with us. 

So there you have it, some qualities I’ve observed while watching other people around me get results. I hope if someone’s watching me, they might see them in me too! Can we see them in you?