Carl Loser is Week One Biggest Loser

After a great first week in Biggest Loser “24” Carl Loser is our Week One Biggest Loser. Losing 6.2 lbs and 2.3% of his body weight. Carl participated in Boot Camp workouts and Kickboxing/MMA classes, and says he really started watching what he ate.

Jennifer Bowers took 2nd place, losing 4.4 lbs and 1.7%, and her husband Shawn Bowers was 3rd, losing 4.0 lbs and 1.2%.

After the weigh-in, the group did a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. After a long warmup, they did moderate, hard, and very hard intervals, with 1 min slower recovery intervals between the harder ones.

They did the routine on the Treadmills first, and then moved to the Ellipticals and repeated it there. After that, they did the same thing on the Rowers, and then finished up on the Bikes.

HIIT workouts are very efficient, and huge calorie burners. The goal is to get in at least one HIIT workout in each week.

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