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Karate For Kids (6 & Up)
In addition to developing physical fitness, self-defense and safety skills, our karate for kids program also helps your child build confidence, focus and respect for oneself and others. Studies have shown that children who study karate often show significant improvement in concentration and self-discipline — both in school and at home. More than any other sport for children, karate and its inherent values counteract the “win at all costs” mentality so common in sports today. It is also one of the few sports in which there are no benchwarmers: every child can fully participate at their own pace. Contact Us About This Now!

Karate Students will learn the basic strikes, blocks, kicks and stances used in karate training. This fundamental training also strengthens and prepares the body for the more difficult techniques ahead in one’s training. From the first day of class, values of respect, courtesy, control and discipline are instilled in every student. Instructors provide training that is interesting and challenging while reinforcing these important values. Contact Us About This Now!

Tigers (Ages 3-5)
This program is specially designed for children ages 3 to 5. It helps to improve children’s focus and listening skills, self-esteem, and gross motor skills. Students learn self-discipline in a fun, structured program that helps build self-control, balance, fitness and flexibility. We recognize that 3 to 5 year olds have very different developmental needs than their older counterparts in the Junior Program. The Tigers program bridges that developmental gap and prepares students for the Junior Program. Contact Us About This Now!


An ultra-calorie burning workout in a fun and engaging atmosphere. A complete workout experience, that builds endurance and functional fitness. With his extensive martial arts and fitness background, Tom combines an ultra-calorie burning workout with actual self-defense skills that actually work in the real world! This MMA style workout will have you both sweating and smiling. Contact Us About This Now!

Brazilian JiuJitsu
Brazilian JiuJitsu (no gi style) is offered to Adults on Saturday mornings at 10 am. BJJ training is highly recommended for adults, as most encounters end on the ground. This is the ground part of what you see on television (without the ground & pound). If you’re serious about your self-defense, you need a plan to survive and thrive on the ground. Tom also does BJJ private training sessions, one-on-on, or in pairs, with Adults by appointment. Contact Us About This Now!