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Posted: July 15, 2009

This week let’s take a look at how to get what you want. Some things are very difficult to accomplish, like becoming president or an astronaut. But for most things, you can usually get what you want just by following some simple steps.

Get a goal! If you don’t have a goal, it’s pretty hard to stay on course. Most people don’t just get in their car and say “where do we want to go on vacation?” It’s planned out. You’ve thought about it a lot, and you know where you want to go. You even have things planned out when you get there.


Posted: July 07, 2009

Now I’m not recommending this particular diet, but… it seems to work pretty well. Here’s what you do. Go to an oral surgeon, have two teeth removed, and eat or drink nothing for eight hours before the surgery. That way you can go with the IV drip sedation where you talk to them for a few minutes, and then wake up and it’s over.

The down side is that you’re going to bleed for a couple days afterward, and are pretty sore and tender. That means no solid foods for a few days. Here’s where the “extraction diet” really kicks in, because you’re only getting calories through liquids.

For me, it was four of those protein shakes a day, four hours apart—at the same time as the pain pill and antibiotic. It’s pretty humbling. Run 13+ miles, throw a bunch of weights around, roll around on the floor with sweaty guys trying to choke you, but miss that pill by a few minutes and wow!

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