7 Little Things That Matter

When did we learn that it was acceptable to settle? I’m not talking compromise between people. I’m talking about the kind of compromise we make with ourselves. Where we give in, or just give up.

I’m not talking about yielding in the face of a superior force, or a higher power. Or talking about letting things go, by showing grace to someone. I’m talking about letting things slide when we don’t need to.

These little compromises may not seem all that serious at the time, but they can really add up. It’s like a small crack in a dam. Unchecked, the pressure becomes too much for the weakened area, and it begins to erode even more. Finally, it’s so fragile that it gives way from the relentless pressure.

Our willpower works the same way. If we let the little things go, they can become big things. If we don’t deal with things right away, that trickle can become a stream that can overwhelm us.

It’s kind of like weeds in the back yard. One day you notice a few popping up. A week or two later you see more and wonder about it. But if you don’t get some weed killer, by midsummer, you might have more weeds than grass.

Here are seven “little things” I see all the time (and have done myself) that can quickly turn into big things if we’re not careful.

• Skipping a workout when we know we really shouldn’t, even if it’s inconvenient.
• Continuing to shove those cookies, chips, or _____________ (fill in the blank here) in your mouth even when you know you need to step away from the table, and have had way more than enough.
• Letting negative thoughts take control to the point that you lose your joy that day.
• Harboring bitter feelings, or unforgiveness to someone.
• Putting off certain tasks because you don’t really want to do them.
• Giving up again because you figure you’re just going to fail again, so why not?
• Getting jealous when you see someone else doing what you want to do, or having what you want to have.

Little things can work both ways, though. Being faithful in little things can go a long way for you to. Here are seven of them:

• Doing your absolute best, even when you’re tired and just want to get it done.
• Not settling for pretty good, when you realize you could have done some things better.
• Getting your workout in, after the kids are asleep, because you just didn’t have time during the day.
• Saying no to the thing you want, because you finally realize that it’s going to want you.
• Refusing to cave on your principles even though it would make things easier if you did.
• Trying something new, because you know you need to grow.
• Realizing the world doesn’t revolve around YOU, but you can give something to those around you, and then looking for ways to do it.

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